Friday, February 27, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 28 February 2015: the 10 of Rupees (Pentacles), VI the Lovers and lensing in from his library where he is dancing a merry tune is the Page of Sticks (Wands). (Today’s deck is *The Legend of Tarot* and here is its blurb from «The Legend of Tarot uses video games as a cute visual code to introduce beginners to tarot reading. The 78 tarot cards began as a fun project for Alex and Noa Page, and grew into a complete deck that was then successfully funded through Kickstarter. Created by Alex Page, Noa Page. Self Published 2014.»  I wasn’t sure I would like the deck, but I thought, “Take a chance, why not?” I have a debilitating horror and skin-crawling disgust of wide-and-huge-eyed children with globular heads trying to be cutesy, but thankfully they are not here. The deck was delivered with three “crystals” or “rupees”, two green & a blue. Odd, eye-catching marketing trick I liked. The cards are strangely perverse, so they appeal to me.) I’m starting off with a happy home, which is ALWAYS a good place to start! (10 of Rupees.)  My wife and I were remarking the other day that we seem to be having a particularly felicitous moment in our couple, not that we usually don’t, and our marriage is a luxury steamer in calm seas at the moment. Extra-cool, especially if you know what I mean. Re-inforced with a TRADITIONAL reading of the Lovers (I’m not going to go all Mouni Sadhu on myself today and delve & drown in the seas of CantMakeADecision.) Sometimes there are times when you WANT to go all deep, ultra conscious, yes-I-read-Sanskrit  mystic and metaphysical on yourself, but I’m not there today, I’m taking my pair of Happy Couples and I’m running with it. Brigit over at has this to say about a normal reading of our Page: “The Page of Wands’ . . . creative energy is still very much only a potential or, at best, only an idea.”  Along with salamanders, which are special to me, I can support, I suppose, this Page meddling around in my happy Coupledom today, AS LONG AS he is bringing new and exciting and wonderful ways for us to love and help each other even more. The Page is a monkey, who reminds me of Hanuman, who brings me good fortune on swift wings. So, if we (I, but yes, we, too) can release our fears and live in confidence and trust, today is going to be one hell of a good day!

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