Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 04 February 2015: the 2 of Stones (Pentacles), the 9 of Wands and lensing in from a drive across the night sky with Nut is X the Wheel of Fortune. (Today’s deck is the *Haindl Tarot* by Hermann Haindl, with “ghost help” from Rachel Pollack on the LWB. Absolutely stunning deck, good vibes, good to work with, my ONLY bitch being that it is very hard to distinguish what is going on in the cards; it is as if the symbology etcetera were all washed weak & willy-nilly by a large splash of “blurry focus.”) Golly gee, Jiminy, I’ve stumbled into a nice hand this morning! And it is a nice hand I mean, as I go from Harmony to Power with the aide of the Wheel. The pips all have names like that in a Haindl, and it can be either helpful or hindering, of course. Today I’m taking their labels as “helping,” although I never base readings on simply reading a label – shit, a know-nothing could do that after plunking down his $15.99 on the counter. (Speaking of which, have you ever had a reader who booked a reading with you WITHOUT telling you they were familiar with the cards already? That happened yesterday afternoon, and I was both bemused and impatient with her – what are you up to, weaselwoman? Hmmm.) At any rate, to quote Leo Tolstoy, ““All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”― *Anna Karenina*, which means to me, today, that I am OH SO HAPPY to have pulled a good draw, but without sturm und drang, there really isn’t much to tell you, to say. With the 2 of Stones as my foundation today I head on up to the 9 of Wands, where I hope to borrow a few staffs BUT need to be careful not to pick up any souvenirs from the pile of Arrogance there as well. And this is all happening under the beneficent smile of Mother, doing wheelies in the sky on her unicycle and giggling in pleasure. I have a good day ahead of me! So, I’m opening the gates and letting great wealth, good health and happy fortune flow into my life. So mote it be!

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