Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 05 February 2015: XIV La Temperance, the 3 of Wands, and lensing in from his houseboat on the Styx where he was enjoying an iced Zombie is XIII La Mort. (Today’s deck is the *Revised New Tarot Art Cards* by J.A. Knapp and Manly P. Hall. IF you aren’t familiar with the work of Mr. Hall, may I HIGHLY recommend him to you? He is FULL of Common Sense and deep spiritual insight. A winner. The deck, too!) You know, I really shouldn’t give Death all those melodramatic trappings, we know that isn’t him/her. Hey, if the Devil can be a woman, why not Death? I’m an EOE. At any rate, the cards are clear, chock full of symbolism, and as such, I’m finding out that today is about Mother. THE Mother, of course, but one can’t help mixing models, you know?, and mine died last year, and just to be sure I remarked the event, she died on my birthday. I was rather touched by that last gesture. Today I’m doing drag as Mother in her Temperance gown (the wings are rented.) She’s deeply involved in the alchemical process, pouring the spiritual into the physical and back again, endlessly. She’s doing her Cardinal Virtue work, equilibration, and is represented by NUN, who has decided to dance at my ball with her own child, the 3 of Staffs, whose father is Saturn. Here is multiplicity and expansion, so I have a feeling that I am going to be carrying “Temperance” beyond the confines of my meditations into something that will cross my path soon, probably today. As “esoteric” as these cards with their chock-a-block symbology are, oddly enough they lead you to considering your reading in very tactile, three-dimensional fashion. Me? Today? What happens? I find it odd that it does that for me, slides me right out of considering the esoteric into Here and Now. That can be attributed, I “think,” to exactly what is being described – “spreading Temperance, therefore Understanding, beyond your usual limits.” These two’s estrogen-heavy dance style is being observed from afar, through his rather steampunk-y equipment, by XIII La Mort. They went BIGTIME traditional on the depiction here, eh? I’m not afraid of Death per se, and I can’t seem to remember a time when I ever was. I’m one of those, “Cool! I’ve been waiting for THIS adventure a L-O-N-G time!” annoying type of people. In Tarot, of course, this has the application we have given it, Change. But a specific kind of change, because for general Change we have X the Wheel, and I cannot help but wonder what “hir” is doing here. If we go with Manly, and XIII carrying the mother letter MEM (water), then we have estrogen overload with three living, vital sets of spiritual ovaries pumping out these seeds over and over and over. And XIII? The Great Recycler, of course!! Answer the Clue phone, Madge! ME carrying Temperance ANYWHERE is a miracle of the first order and a Wonder of the Ages, I am NOT emblematic of that Virtue (“gee, no shit, Mark!” you say.) But with Death NOT shaking my day, and Temp and the 3 polishing the ballroom floor below (I tied rags to their feet, they might as well be useful,) it is time to descend my grand staircase and extend the welcome mat of Change at the doorstep, embracing my guests without Fear and with Hope.


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