Thursday, February 5, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 06 February 2015: the Queen of Swords, the 9 of Swords, and lensing in from its disgustingly G-rated Hollywood-backdrop-set-piece is the 10 of Cups.(Today’s deck is the *Golden Tarot of the Tsar” by A. A. Atanassov. It is a truly lovely deck [despite the scans – gold leaf scans bizarrely], akin to a holding a handful of little Fabergé objets-d’art, which I am sure was the intended effect; and unlike many of these “pretty-to-look-at-impossible-to-use” decks around [I buy them for the art – & that sounds like an 11 yr. old caught with dad’s *Playboy* saying he reads the articles!] it is actually quite friendly to actual work. That being said, let’s get down to some real silliness . . . I enter wrapped up in the underskirts of the Queen of Swords. Now, taking on that flat, icon-art style rap and transposing it here, I *could* say that, according to the cards, I am going to be a widower soon, very soon. After some deep existential anguish caused by my own actions, I will find durable happiness and that over-the-rainbow life with a new family. – Ta-da! – Bad news for my wife, eh? Okay, okay, no, I’m not going to read the cards like that, but I COULD, it would be PERFECTLY legitimate, just the wrong century! Instead, what I see here is a bit of interior sadness, of alienation, being present today, and that has sprouted up due to my own actions (or lack of them.) Happily resolved, it seems, as the wisdom inherent in the Queen will be available to me today, therefore I can “level the balance.” So, let’s ride out with a hearty, firm belief that I have everything I need for my own happiness right here and right now, I just may have to adjust my attitude a bit to access it. Ok Boss, whatever you say . . 

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