Saturday, February 7, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 08 February 2015: the 4 of Cups, XVI the Tower and lensing in from a happier if more shadowed place is II the High Priestess. Well, on a day when you could use a reverse, none to be had, that figures . . . (Today’s deck is the *Golden Dawn Temple Tarot* by Nick Farrell & Harry & Nicola Wendrich. Big bright bold colors, Thoth-esque. Emphasizes the Kabbalistic and alchemical connections. It works. I feel like it would be a deck of choice if I were teaching Tarot 212 to high school seniors. [WTF!?!) Well, it seems as if I have, to say the least, a somewhat adventurous day ahead, at least on the personal development front. The 4 of Cups is one of this (ehyeahum,ummhuuumokay) cards, let(s just say I’m looking for a change. This card is wide open to a LOT of interps, so I’ll choose the one closest to me at this time, “looking for a better fit.” The Universe, hearing me on a day when its panties bunched up at the lower left of its crack and thus being out of sorts, sends me the XVI. The bitch! (The Universe, not the Tower. The Tower can’t help being what it is.) Talk about overkill! I’m going to take the Tower today as the sudden insight, the new path in life, the flash of inspiration which destroys the old and ushers in the new. That way, this change may be immense but not necessarily catastrophic. Looking on the bright side of things DOES have a practical application. Perusing this ground shaking change from the sidelines is both the root cause, the solution, the shitstirrer and the Thought-disturber, II the High Priestess. She is wanting, DEMANDING? that I move on and take this somewhere, to not stay in the same crib-sized bed and never grow, “I’m gonna shake your world, Mark, tough shit. Move!”  Everyone always sees the Priestess as crouched or seated in smoky tendrils above a brazier working her divine magic, but actually she is a pretty active gal, out being mobile and tinkering with EVERYONE’S life, not just mine. I like the High Priestess, I really do, but I wouldn’t date her. She’s the type of girl or girlfriend who would pull something REALLY shitty on you and never apologize, because she always thinks she knows better. She makes a great mid-friend, though; mid- in the sense that if she were close she’d pull her shit, but too far and she is ineffectual; so mid- . You treat people like this with respect, yes, but you treat yourself with respect, too, and part of that is not allowing yourself to be abused to amuse the Great. You are NOT the puppet of the cards, of Fate; you are the Master/Mistress. Remember that. Tarot doesn’t work if you don’t. My affirmation for today is, funnily enough, “my intuition works like a trusted friend.” Yes, it does, even to the point of telling me how to guard myself against any intemperies in the gift itself. I’m changing how I end the MashUps. Every one ends now on a blessing, and today it is ancient Egyptian; ‘Life! Health! Prosperity! May your name live and live again, for millions and millions of years!”

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