Monday, February 9, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 10 February 2015: III the Empress, the 2 of Swords (Lord of Peace Restored) and lensing in from the courts of law where he has just arranged to confiscate the last of the Templar’s treasure is the King of Pentacles. (That was actually Philippe IV, Le Bel.) (Today’s deck is the *Golden Dawn Temple Tarot* by Farrell, & the two Wendrich’, we’ve met them here before. Thoth-esque deck. Bright, simple, very readable. Large, slightly unwieldy cards.) Oh Frabjous joy! Oh heaven divine! Look, girls, after a small marital tiff the King of Pentacles is going to impregnate me! Oh, I’m so surprised!! LOL. Of course not, but that is EXACTLY what this draw looks like; in a way, can you imagine a better husband for the Empress than the King of Pentacles? Oh sure, there’s the Emperor, but his focus is always way off on some distant corner of the globe; Rufus, is here, Rufus is now! And besides, his wife doesn’t understand him, she’s as frigid as a gold piece, he “needs” imperial warmth, doesn’t he? I WOULD take this draw as relating to my domestic situation today EXCEPT that it in no way comes even close to matching reality, my wife and I are enjoying a period of profound accord at the moment, and may I add, we usually do. It may be hard to believe, knowing my turbulent character only from the pages of Facebook, but I’m a sweetheart here in my marriage! My wife and I are BOTH well beyond the age of fructifying anything except a fruit salad, and peace restored COULD refer to a sketchily patched-up friendship at the moment, but that really doesn’t make sense sandwiched between HER and HIM, the re-admitted friend isn’t in that kind of position. Perhaps I can take the Empress to signify, instead, my aspirations towards fulfilling my True Will, and the 2 of Swords as more of a willingness to be truly committed to a “truce” with myself in order to carry out those aspirations. Now THAT sounds a lot more on-target (thank God, I’m not sure I could install a womb this late in the game!)Now I think, in that context, that I can see the King as myself; I certainly fit the bill in many ways, although, truth be told, not in others. I am financially stable, but not rich. I have deep passions, about which I am generally quiet, although I wouldn’t be called a quiet man. Patience is generally alien to me. I “husband” well – my resources, as well as in the sense of loyalty, in other words faithful. I am smarter than your average king, however, and partake of all 4 suits, naturally. Nevertheless, here he is going to be me, and “I” am seeing myself as once again, or “still,” or “continuing to” assert my Will and dedicate my talents and my perseverance to bring about its manifestation. Effort brings reward.

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