Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 18 February 2015: XII the Hanged Man, the 9 of Wands and lensing in from the far reaches of the Amazonian where she’s chasing down her frightened fiancé is VIII Strength.  (Today we continue the Dark Deck Exploration with *The Vampire Tarot* by Nathalie Hertz. Right off the top, I like this deck. The art is GOOD, reminds me in a way of the Japaridze deck, both artists are young Parisian females; there is a style in common, although they are VERY different. Ms. Hertz has Strength at VIII, my preference, so that’s an automatic plus in my book. Her depictions are clear, and for delving beyond the rather simplistic impression the image might give, her LWB is, for once, full of helpful little tidbits about how SHE saw the card and drew it, and it helps the reader see there what she saw. All in all, a very good reading deck, don’t let the vampire theme put you off.)  Well, let’s see what we’ve got for today – aren’t I generous including you in my Destiny? If the house burns down, we’ll feel sad, non? If I win the Lottery, however, we’ll need to talk . . . .  I’ve always had an affinity for XII the Hanged Man. I like him. When I was very, very young (10-ish) and tripping around the cards pretending I was controlling destinies,  for some reason my little Marvel Comics-centered mind didn’t see him negatively. My feeling was more, “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, Superman, but you are going to have to die this time to save the world.” And Superman replies, “No problem. As long as it is for a good cause,” naïve and simplistic, I know, but hey! what do you want out of a 10-year old? LOL. To get to the point (“Is Mark capable of that?”) if I’m honest I’ll admit that I still feel the same way, just modified and matured. Of all the cards to cast my good humor upon (which is as rare as hen’s teeth), I don’t know why it was XII, but it was. Hertz calls it Patience, Freedom of Soul, Acceptance and an ability to go beyond reality. Same thing, I suppose, but she has really teased it out, put flesh on it and made it solid. I’m gliding into my day with a XII-state of willingness and peace, and Fortune smiles upon me (She’s paying me off for the new paint job I gave her Wheel) by handing me a lens to focus my XII-ness even more, the 9 of Wands. Another dose of Patience with a side dish of Accomplishment will help me take a merited rest and port to me a nugget of the wisdom that is available today. Watching all of this, lensing it for her observation and decision, is VIII Strength. She’s looking a touch fierce here, non? and her “dompted” animal isn’t looking so much conquered or trained as he is a buddy, a friend, a traveling companion, a lover? Whatever or whomever he may be, he’s got us fixed in that unblinking regard as if keeping us docilely hypnotized until She can get her teeth into us . . . well, let’s see Hertz’s key words; Braver, ambition, passion, sincerity and great sexual energy. Hmmm I gather that Ms. Hertz has a much “deeper” relationship with VIII than I do, and I’m no slacker. Well, I appreciate the Bravery, but if I need Bravery, it is to face the call to Patience – I ALWAYS feel like that vulture in the cartoon, saying to another vulture, “Patience my ass, I’m gonna kill something!” My bête noire, Patience. Well, if I’m going to live in and value the moment, I had best work up an appetite for a big, steaming bowl of mucous-y, slide-down-your-throat-like-snot Patience. Maybe part of my self-sacrifice can be some Listerine to rinse out my mouth?

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