Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 26 February 2015: the 10 of Batons, the 3 of Pentacles and lensing in fresh from sexualizing a troop of cub scouts in NYC is XIV Temperance. (Today’s deck is the * Alchemy 1977 England Tarot*, about as dark as we are going to go [including the Necronomicon deck, posted here before] in our DDE, Dark deck exploration. They do come darker, but I won’t have them. Some of the decks I have are already too dark, I don’t need more, and I certainly don’t need someone’s banal psychosexual fantasies, as happened, MOST disappointingly, with a deck I recently received. Producing that deck was a waste of time, money and materials! This one, however, isn’t THAT maimed, it is just really dark. Which is okay, if it’s your thing, it turns out not to be mine. Dragons, check, fantasy sci/fi, check, mythic creatures such as vampires & werewolves, check, and I’m a BIG fan of Cthulhu, but demons & big-titted fleshpots with machine guns leave me cold, cold, cold as themes around which to construct Tarot; Frank Frazetta art and Conan –esque “sensibilities.”)  I’ve pulled a very moderate hand indeed from this very dark deck.  A mass of problems and/or thought which I have will be handled with mastery & skill, or CAN be, using XIV Temperance as the vehicle by which I can call forth the wisdom to set things straight. Oh, yes, it can be read on approximately 104 more complex levels, but not today, not by me. I’m not feeling like walking along the summit’s ridge of those metaphysical German mountains, thank you. I just want a nice day, not too much bullshit, please, and for dessert a really good movie and a mind-destroying joint would be an excellent finish to the day, thank you, Cosmos. “Call it, Doctor. Doctor, dammit, call it!”  “Alright, alright! The mandrake root died at 12.04 a.m., shortly after being de-rooted in a brutal fashion. I think we’re looking for a man, around 6’2”, aging, grey hair, tall, may walk with a cane from time to time. He’s known only as, ‘the Tarologue.’ He’s armed with a deck of cards and is considered extremely dangerous, so Approach With Caution. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my life is buys scratching out patterns in the dirt, getting closer and closer to the one that will contain the key. 

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