Monday, February 23, 2015

Good morning! Welcome to my MashUp for 23 February 2015 : the 6 of Cups, the Ace of Wands and lensing down in disinterested and distracted reflected attention, XVIII the Moon seems more concerned with her maquillage than in observing lil’ ole me. Which, actually, is fine with me; every time the Moon pays close attention to me, things change in bizarre manners. (Today’s deck is a repeat, I think, grabbed because it was closest to hand, but it can fall at the “light” end of our DDE [Dark Deck Expedition.] At any rate, today’s deck is le *Tarot du Doux Cr√©puscule* {Tarot of the Sweet Twilight} by Cristina Benintende. A distant cousin to the Deviant Moon deck [or vice versa.] Attractive and readable.) Well, it seems as if I am starting today thinking about stepping outside of accepted boundaries in order to try something new. Hmm, well, good, maybe I’ll surprise myself. I’ve always thought of myself as ‘Johnny Quest’ (within reason, and no, I’m not blond with a scientist father – sheesh!) but lately I have noticed that, unbeknownst to me, a strong serpent of  conservatism  has slithered into my being, and I have ALMOST lost my sense of three-dimensional adventure. Sure, give me a galactic collision across 23,000 light years to contemplate and I’m wonderful, but ask me to go rock wall climbing just down at the mall? Fuck you, I’m busy.  I believe I am approaching that mythic age when old men decide that it is right and good to send young men to war to fight and die. Ugh. Luckily for all of you, I have no legions of loyal Tarot troops to march across the maps of Europe and Asia and take hegemony from you poor, sightless phools! Bwahahaha! Ah! Imagine the beneficent empire I could construct under the leadership of The Gilded Fool (that’s me) in the director’s seat. Well . . . back to Earth. So, “Stepping Out” meets the Ace of Wands, and a very pregnant apple ensues . . . no, not really, just a little biblical humor. Actually, that apple is BURSTING with possibility – Aces are all about that, doncha’know . . . The Wands want to GET OUT THERE, Do Something! C’mon, fatass, move! (I’m a large man, but I firmly deny the descriptive, “fatass.” Indeed!) However, the “largeness” of my “gravitas” leads me to the thought that I need to check out ALL my options before I commit this knot of energy anywhere. XVIII the Moon can help me with that, IF she is in the mood.  Have you ever found yourself entreating a woman who seems more concerned in the state of her manicure than in your words? Who says, “Yes, yes.” in a dismissive manner that just deeply pisses you off? You got what you want but you feel like shit anyway? That’s the Moon, a lot of the time. She’s a hidden gal (some even call her a man) who prefers the shadows and the thin sound of a Hungarian violin at a campfire than the open squares and lighted boulevards of the city. She believes in Love, but not for herself; she is sterile and infecund.  In a very limited kind of way, one may think of her as the family’s crazy aunt, the one with un-understandable preferences and only rarely given to violence. Usually, her scars are worn on the inside. What the Moon may think of ME at this point in my life is certainly more important than when I was a youth, but all things are relative, and in the normal course of things I accord her little importance in MY planning. That “should” change, I know – but “should” is that most useless word in the English language. Do, or don’t, that’s it. And for Horus’ sacred sake, SHUT UP about it. I always have the sensation that a good kick to the balls, or the uterus, will get people off of the pot.  Then, however, I have the problem of getting them to shut up; people of a certain limited intelligence can’t help crowing about their own charity or philanthropy or what-have-you. It’s a very 6 of Coin-ish quality, measuring your generosity. Back to “The Moon? The inconstant Moon?  That monthly changes in her circled orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variable.” (Act II, Scene II, & if you don’t know the play, go away.)  Actually, the Moon is benign, isn’t it? All it REALLY is, is a mirror, isn’t it? What does it reflect for me this morning? Am I keeping myself firm and true? What does it reflect for you?


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