Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 01 April 2015 (April Fool’s Day, OUR day !): the 6 of Coins, the Queen of Swords reversed and lensing in from China where he spent six months on a topsy-turvy murder investigation is V the Heavenly Master reversed. (The two reversed cards are pictured upright only for display purposes. Today’s deck is *The Chinese Tarot Deck* by Juio Guoliang and LWB by S. Kaplan. Simply beautiful, really beautiful/ RWS. Not a beginner’s deck, but not hard, either. I like it.) On the whole we have a rather simple reading, but nothing is simple, is it? On the surface, we have a gambling gentleman allied or crossed by a hysterically angry woman in high dudgeon and all of this is being observed by that venal and manipulative old man lurking behind the dais of the throne, the decrepit and sinister Heavenly Master. There, now go ahead and try to sell THAT to a client. Ahahaha! Unless I am the current emperor/empress of China, this is rank nonsense. Well, perhaps not rank, but certainly nonsense. In the 1st place, I haven’t been enthroned yet! Grin. Okay, enough foolishness, let’s see what I am scrying about. I have a 6 of Coins here which has the traditional meanings but adds that of a scryer with coinage: seeing the future with coins. We know this IS rank nonsense, but we understand what he is trying to do; we do exactly the same, but with cards, every day. So in this instance, I think we can safely say we have a seeker, someone well-established in the Coins suit and its components. Now let’s see what he is seeing. He immediately sees the Queen of Swords on her head, frothing furiously at the mouth and hysterical with rage. This is the viper, with glittering green eyes and every nasty, mean-spirited sneaky ounce of dagger-like cruelty she can muster. This is the kind of woman who would poison her own children to get ahead. Now short of my neighbor’s daughter, I do not know any women even remotely like that, although can suppose that it is possible this evil metamorphosis could happen to any of them. But I think not, so it is more likely an attitude or ambiance which I will encounter today, although that ugly personage could be present there, one must admit. Finally, observing all of this with an air of outraged orthodoxy and uselessness is V the Heavenly Master reversed. Once a reserved but compassionate and merciful man, his lack of sanity highlighting an attitude of victimhood and vulnerability. In other words, he’s a useless dick, and his catamite will tell you the same thing with a different meaning. We need to elect a new Heavenly Master and retire this one to a quiet and secure location in the far reaches of the kingdom. So, all in all, our scrying warrior isn’t seeing much good in his coins, is he? Well, it could be worse; he need only remember that his own thoughts and actions dictate what manifests around him. To do so with care and scruple, and to progress through the traps along the Path today. Therefore, I might as well “open myself to the wisdom of the Universe,” and take a careful but progressive plan through today.  


Monday, March 30, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 31 March 2015 : the 8 of Disks, the Knave of Disks and lensing in from the blacksmith’s where he is having new breastplates made for his sphinxes is VII the Chariot. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot Mucha* by Giuliq F. Massagglia, Barbara Nosenzo, Lunaea Weatherstone, Massimiliano Filadoro and of course Alphonse Mucha.  Straightforward RWS. The deck speaks for itself. Lovely. Easy to read.) Da-Dum! Well, today is like reading vanilla pudding, quick and obvious. If any spread could represent the Protestant Work Ethic, this it. I hone my craft, skills or knowledge, I am aided by a youth or the spirit of youth in the task, and the more I use him/her the better he/she will perform. When all is said and done, I can contemplate my completed task with satisfaction and not a little vanity, but do Beware, Mark! Let this feed your humility, generosity and nobility, and NOTHING else. No Ego food today, not if you manage fit well, Tonto. And that is how I’m leaving it; for today, on the fluffy & surface-y side of the reading; I have to do this because I am terribly rushed today, very busy, with a LOT going on. So, thankfully, the cards tailored themselves for that! Also, I didn’t receive a layout of all misty, drifty, meditation-bound cards, so the Tarot isn’t going to “burden” me today. ‘Attaboy, Tarot. (Hmmm – name for next puppy or kitten??) (I have a friend who has a VERY large python in his home as a pet. Perhaps he should be renamed as Crowley.)  So, I move through life triumphantly today, and knowing that, I had better get a move on; I’ve got work to do!  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 30 March 2015 : the 3 of Pentacles, the Knave of Wands and lensing in from her most recent visit to the Blighted Heath is XVII the Star.  (Today’s deck is the *Dark Fairytale Tarot* by Raffaele De Angelis for Lo Scarabeo. RWS. The name says it all. My only Caveat Emptor is that I find the cards too small to have any real appreciation or even identification of the artworks pictured.) So, we are off to the races today (the winter ball season is over.) We will probably get pissed on by the rain, caught in a windstorm or suffer a late snowfall, but Spring is here. My draw tells me this morning that no, Mark, not this time, we are not talking master craftsman here or if we are it is only in the sense of being able to take decisive action. This deck tells me that the 3 of Pentacles represents decisive action in a desperate time; okay, but I have to admit that I’m not exactly feeling as if I am living in a desperate situation. I just turned 63, my health is moderately okay even with the astronomical medical “bills” it is presenting to me now for past abuse, and in general my life is going rather swimmingly. This must mean “desperate times” of another nature, but I am in the dark for the moment so I shall have to wait to see from where this dangerous situation originates. The next card, the Knave of Wands, in this instance is standing in for going it alone, and letting others assume what they want about something with which you are linked. I’m not sure WHY she stands for that, but she does so by artist’s intent, sayeth the LWB that came with the deck (I rarely take them into account, but I DO read them. They can often guide you to understanding the art in the card with just a few meager clues.) Together, our “couple tells me this is a wise and accomplished craftsman who has decided, for his own reasons, to take immediate and drastic action in a situation FOR which he is mistakenly held responsible. Hmmm, not feeling persecuted and up against the wall this morning, either. I presume amalgams of and/or “riffs off of” this reading will coalesce during the day, and here is my suggested course of action, suggested by me to me. The Cosmos is providing background accompaniment (today it is ancient Chinese music – the Cosmos has a sense of humor, as it knows I am reminded of Sun Tzu and *The Art of War*.) It isn’t often that I am at war with myself in this cloak-and-dagger fashion, so it will require subtlety, which here is provided by the Hope emanating from XVII the Star. Even in the Blighted Heath she brought hope to people’s hearts, and she is willing to do it here today, for me. So I CAN hope for a good, peaceful resolution of whatever mini-drama is going to spring forth today. I can live with that. We ALL live on the hope that “things will get better” at some point in our lives, there are no exceptions; we are ALL on the roller-coaster. So, when we hit those low points of depression, futility and sadness, remember that roller-coaster, and how, when you are on it at that point, despite the “down moment,” we can feel the engines rumbling and clearing their throats beneath us, getting ready to power us back up the hill or slope to whatever new high awaits us. We aren’t living bi-polar lives, but at times it can certainly seem that way. So, gather up your skirts, girls, we are going to have to wade in and get dirty. However, the Star has brought Hope to clean us up before, during and after. So, knowing that I can create anything I need, I’m ready to face the day, Hope at my side. A bientôt!  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Queen Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 29 March 2015: the 9 of Pentacles, the Queen of Cups and lensing into us from Cloud 9 is our old acquaintance, XX Judgment. (Today’s deck is the *Deviant Moon Tarot* by Patrick Valenza.) Today’s draw seems clear enough to me: and as it involves my wife, I shall keep it private today. That, coupled with a bit of grumpiness over the time change (it happened in Europe last night), and I think I’ll just lay down the cards and skedaddle. I’m out of sorts today; OK, but out of sorts. I trust myself at this moment, as we all should most of the time, so, I’ll see you tomorrow, with a new Daily MashUp. Hopefully I will feel more talkative.  


Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 28 March 2015: the 6 of Wands, the Knight of Swords and lensing in from a Festival of Faith with her sacrifice still fresh on her hands is XVII the Star. (Today’s deck is *The Vampire Tarot* by Nathalie Hertz. Part Conan the Barbarian, part almost-changed-animé, part “comic perverse,” this is an interesting deck by the French artist cited above. RWS. Fun, easy to read, another vampire deck.) I waltz out this morning not so much waltzing as I seem to be wrapped in wine-stained sheets made of bluster, false optimism and some tinkling crystal doubt. Or at least that is how Rabelais, my oldest cat, chose to interpret my arthritis this morning. I didn’t particularly feel that way at all, and unless it sweeps over me in a sudden sea-change of emotional weather, I don’t expect to today. Nevertheless, that is what the card says, and even being allied with one of my oldest friends/enemies, the Knight of Swords, isn’t going to help the 6 that much. The Sword male royals have been a real pain in the ass (and NOT the good kind) for about a year now, and I REALLY wouldn’t mind spending less time in that strife-ridden, barbarian Court. BUT, here he is, rampaging  around, and despite his ‘you-can’t-help-it-you-HAVE-to-like-him’ charm and goofy, misdirected help, he is carrying that 6, reversed, right into the Court, bringing in blinders and false optimism in his wake. Luckily, lensing all of this today is XVII the Star, bringing her inner calm to settle over the Court like a soft down comforter, filled with tranquility. She is trying to spread healing through to the 6 and the Knight after their calamitously screwy entrance. Let’s hope she succeeds. I really don’t want my morning and/or day to be like the opening duo at all and simply knowing that is already changing it. You may remember Bette Davis’ famous line from the classic *All About Eve*, “Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night!” Well, I am sincerely hoping that won’t be true for MY day, as well. If there is any hitch in the day, “I Can Create What I Need.”  


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 27 March 2015: the 10 of Chalices, the Knight of Wands and lensing in from “a dark and stormy night,” arrives VII the Chariot.  (Today’s deck is *The Prisma Vision Tarot* by James R. Eads with Katherine Tombs. I REALLY like the deck, reminiscent of Van Gogh on acid.) I’m marching onto the parade ground this morning dressed as the Knight of Wands with 10 Chalices hanging from my armor. Sort of. On a lightly brushed surface reading, one could say that there is a pure and simple pleasure, one of emotional satisfaction, carried by the knight today, who is very passionate in his pursuits but often lacks foresight. He is “the Fool rushing in where Angels fear to tread.” This kind of emotional Zen wouldn’t normally sit well on the knight, but they are paired up for me today. In complicity? In opposition? Am I going to enjoy the blossom of emotional fulfillment as the Knight, accompanied by the knight, or in opposition to said knight? We have to look at our lensing card to get a hint: VII the Chariot. Now, VII is one of the MA most disgracefully neglected by me; it “does” nothing for me. It never turns up in self-readings and in clients’ readings I usually give it a completely neutral affect (not effect) on the cards around it (unless its position is screaming at me.) Here’s the rub; last night, shortly after midnight, I drew a single MA to symbolize the coming year, the coming 365-day period, from 27th March 2015 to 26th March 2016. Today is my birthday, and I wanted a “sigil” for the coming year of my life. I drew VII the Chariot. That unremarkable, only the barest affinity, no-relationship-to-speak-of longer than 3 minutes, VII the Chariot. Since moving to Europe, I don’t even drive anymore! Ha! Not that that has anything to do with this Arcanum, but the synchronicity is amusing. Just the other day in a MashUp I spoke of how meaningless the number 7 is personally to me, no carrier of good luck in MY life, at least. Not unfriendly either, but 7 just isn’t numerologically important to me, not in my name or anywhere else, and “transportation” is no longer a daily-reality issue, so it is full-on metaphysical meaning that must be looked for in this draw. In that case, I’m a bulldozer. Push on, push on, obstacles mean nothing; power and swiftness are my qualities now. Victory, hard won or easily gained, perhaps even snatched from the jaws of defeat (although there isn’t much drama-fueled defeat in my life at the moment.)But regardless of the fine print, the larger script is the vehicle for the message of indomitable Will and Power put to a cause, put to use to forge ahead regardless of cost. So, I am going to move through life triumphantly today, and why not? I feel like feeling good today, it is my day, after all!   

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 26 March 2015: the 3 of Swords, the Page of Cups, and lensing in from the Fertilizer Festival in Lower Crackylvania is III the Empress. (Today’s deck is *The Apocalypse Tarot* by Swiatoslaw Nowicki, Robert Sobota and Magdalena Walulik. The deck is “based on a non-orthodox, esoteric interpretation of the main Christian symbols and ideas.”[Cover] The entire system constructed here is astrological and elemental, mixed with eschatological Christianity in a brew of Euclidian geometry. The Christian experience has been invalidated for me, personally, but that doesn’t mean others don’t still profit from it (http://www.tanabe.pl/en/ ). Nevertheless, like any literate person, I can use the deck as a “skin” for the concepts behind the titles, even if the heavy Christian overlay leaves me stone cold. RWS. Interesting art.)  Well, it seems as if I’m coming out of the chute today dressed as the 3 of Swords. You know the one, the Wounded Heart; except that here, it is the sacrament of Confirmation (followed by the 1st sacrament, Baptism, followed by incarnation as an archetype, in this case III the Empress. Exactly in reverse order if one is looking at a sequence of initiatory experiences, or, here, the “right” order for eschatological Christianity. I am not a fan, at all. So I’m giving this reading the “skin treatment,” and reading the deck as if it were straight RWS. So, at any rate, we know all about the 3 of Swords, and yes, it is piercing pain, but luckily it passes (see the next card!) Allied with the Page of Cups, which in this deck is the spiritual initiation of Jesus, this 3 of Swords is representing Mercury and XX Judgment in terms of “pip power,” and we can pretty much work with the given interpretation, keeping in mind that in our own lives initiation PRECEDES Confirmation. Our Page of Cups has the role he always plays, that of the idealistic young seeker on the Emotional level, and carrier of new quests. These two cards are being “lensed” through the Great Mother, III the Empress. If anything, I would say that in this reading she is advertising the fruitful nature of the reading, and the birth of this new project, new quest. In fact, she hungers to feed a new quest in order for her gifts to not diminish and she herself continues to play the archetype she has been assigned. At any rate, I am getting her big OK on going ahead with a new project that may very well sweep me off my feet and down the storm drainage pipe. I just hope this old man can keep up with the pace! “Love and Beauty flow through my life in a Limitless stream,” yes, but do I remember how to swim?   

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 25 March 2015: the 2 of Pentacles, the Glory (Queen) of Swords and lensing in from that sweet green tyranny of the Emerald City is « the great and powerful » Oz. (Today’s deck is a little jewel, like a medieval Book of Hours. It is *The Golden Age Of Hollywood Tarot Deck* by Lorelei Douglas [her ‘nom de Tarot’]. Wonderful memories jump to mind when using this deck, and happily the focus is on “the Golden Age” and NOT the Age of Tin in which we currently live.  Lorelei has added 4 optional cards to the deck, Vetoes (one Veto) which are suited “No” cards – no, you shouldn’t know, it’s not the right time, etcetera. I don’t use them, but they are there if you want them. Like other decks with add-on cards, I leave them in the box. If you are a movie buff, then you’ll go gaga over this deck, and for that single person that remains, buy the deck, you’ll learn something.) On the surface, this is a damn fine reading – a new discovery awaits, an exciting new discovery, just be aware that I need to treat it within “the boundaries of my construct,” straight-up and honestly, and the discovery is more than probably going to strengthen me in my Spirituality and the spiritual side of the Quest, that same quest upon which we all embark (even if some run, some drag their feet, some resist, some refuse, etc.) On the surface, I said - - - and “mainly” true and open, I think, EXCEPT for that 3rd card, V the Bureaucrat (the Hierophant, the Pope). I have a feeling, a “vibe” about him today that this is not one of his open & clear days but a day of enforcing the status quo and generally being a stick up my butt. The Bureaucrat and I have a long, dark history, from the very beginning, and in the form of some Catholic priests he wreaked some real havoc in my life a long time ago. I do not take being someone’s spiritual “subject” well, at all, and the idea of such a control freak (and it is ALWAYS a control freak that will seek out this position) being given a staff of ultimate spiritual authority renders me quite ill. I know where I would like to stick that staff. Another, more classic way of saying the same thing is, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”  Now, for the big, dark secret that isn’t a big, dark secret at all – I wouldn’t mind being the Hierophant, if only to get in there and set fire to the Vatican and watch the Sistine Chapel burn to the ground. Not that I advocate the destruction of art, I don’t, but I DO advocate the destruction of the institutions of Slavery. Very few things have happened as destructive to human growth as the Christian Experience. IN MY OPINION. (No hate mail, thank you.) However, bathing as I do in the sweet waters of Whatever Falls, I don’t drag screaming Christians out of church and manacle them to an empiricist Point of View. Let It Be. As for today, I’ll let that be, too, not that I have a whole lot of choice (of course I do, but the comforting illusion is that I don’t – however, I don’t like the taste of illusion, so I’m not terribly worried.) I think that probably the best way I can stay open to the Hierophant today is to simply follow the non-sectarian party line that sees in him the “Teacher.” So, today, “I open myself to the wisdom of the Universe,” without too many reservations, my cards on the whole speak of a positive experience. Unless I trip over my own Ego along the way, I love discoveries, so I’m ready to set off on this little expedition tout de suite!   

Good morning and Welcome! to today’s MashUp :IX the Hermit, the 5 of Swords, and lensing in from a stroll in the marsh and moonlight with her regard somewhere that is not here is the Queen of Wands.  (Today’s deck is the *Ghosts & Spirits Tarot* by Lisa Hunt. RWS. Lots & lots & lots & lots of trees. Grey trees. Be prepared to have no emotional response at all to this deck.) It looks to be a good day to spend some alone time. I may need to meditate upon a situation involving someone trying to take control of something that will affect my life in a negative manner, so watch and analyze carefully any advance on unwanted fronts today. Remember to be polite & “social,” however, as direction may spring from anywhere, even in an unlikely but highly logical environment. Energy is brewing; don’t add, don’t subtract; wait.  While I sit and wait, I shall concentrate on today’s mantra, “I am a radiant strong being filled with the power of love.” If I need to call the police later for a case of Energy Theft, I can do that.    


Monday, March 23, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 23 March 2015: the King of Wands, the 6 of Disks and lensing in from the Blessed Fields where young marrieds who die together go is VI the Lovers. (Today’s deck is *Le Tarot des Anciens Egyptiens* by Clive Barret, an “egyptologue” and a “Tarologue” based here in France [my business card titles me as a “Tarologue” as well, the more elegant French word to describe a professional card reader.] RWS. The cards are straightforward presentations of the RWS arcana figures, their “good” or selling point being that they are restrained and relevant, and not a New Age joke. Among my Egyptian-themed decks, this is one I like but unfortunately it doesn’t get through rotation often enough. Sigh.) It’s a red dawn, but oddly enough I feel good. (“Red sky at morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailor’s delight.”) The cards have, of course, been turning out to be pretty accurate lately; I have to assume that this is due to improved reading skills, not the cards falling differently, the cards haven’t changed. It was a good weekend for contemplation and self-improvement; there was also one howler on record (a marital dispute), which was soon resolved, but not soon enough for either of us. Marriage is a job neither of you want, sometimes. Ha. Here’s my old ready-to-wear for today, the King of Wands. If you have ever held a position of authority, you know how fucking tedious & tiresome a job can become. I really LIKE it when I’m functioning as the King or Wands, most of the time, but there is that element to his rigorous code of conduct that I don’t like and do not resemble, which is his lack of humor and his martinet military approach to working relationships is off-putting, to be generous about it. However, his solutions to problems ARE often surprising and/or revolutionary. Here he is hooking up with the 6 of Disks and before I go on, I must tell you that this 6 of Disks is defined very differently than the normal version, by the deck’s creator; here the 6 of Disks represents the arrival of unexpected riches, such as a surprise inheritance or winning the Lottery. I have never read the 6 of Disks as that kind of a “Am I gonna find me a man an’ some cash to get me sum purty things?” question’s response. I’m surprised the tedium isn’t more apparent and more reactionary when I get those kind of questions, and I perversely insist on reading these kind of “truths” in a “Really? You are going to aim as LOW as this, really?? Why bother?” manner.  Well, okay, but I’m tossing that card meaning in the trashcan. Follow me, now, and we’ll find a new meaning. When I went to bed last night, I asked that I be guided and blessed with understanding in this morning’s MashUp. I woke up this morning and the number 7 was ricocheting, bouncing, shooting, and arcing from a thousand mirrors in my memory palace. Now, 7 doesn’t bode particularly well for me. IT has never been a lucky number, for me. It brings no particular mystic truths or values, to me. (“Enough about you; let’s talk about me!”) It is “impair,” odd, and a prime, and those are its sole uses for me. SO, this spectacular insistence on 7 surprised me, and right away, without any thought at all, I knew it meant the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which turns out to be “Zayin,” which is the Path for Key 6, The Lovers. And what was my third, “lensing” draw today? The Lovers. (Cue spooky glissando.) So I think it is safe to say that HERE is our KEY card of the day, VI the Lovers. Not a favorite of mine, but alright, if that is your ‘thing.’ This is about, if you read the card in this manner, the union of opposites in order to become whole and holy, and to have this Wholeness become more than the sum of its parts by disposing of that which keeps us separate. So, taken in THAT manner, I grok this card entirely. On another level, this card symbolizes the parents of Geb and Nuit (Earth and Sky), who were known as Tefnut and Shu, identical twins and the first beings created by Amon-Ra. She was the Goddess of Moisture and he was the God of Air. On and on and such and such. The important point here is “Mystical Union” in order to produce Wholeness, the antithesis of the unprogressive and spiritually-lacking being. So, this turns out to be a GREAT lensing card, throwing its veil of mutation to wholeness over the day’s reading. I can live with that; hell, I can DESIRE that!    

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 22 March 2015: the Page of Swords, the 8 of Coins, and lensing in from in the galaxy of Let’s-Try-One-More- Time-To-Drive-Mark-Batshit-Crazy! is XI, Justice (my beloved and my behated.) (The deck today is *The Tarot of Dreams* by Ciro Marchetti, with Lee Bursten. I feel it is almost superfluous to say anything about Ciro’s decks; they are universally known and admired. I enjoy reading with them, but caveat emptor: the art is so beautiful it can sidetrack your reading. Of COURSE a thumbs up!) It seems I am rushing into the ballroom this morning in a mad, impetuous race for the Truth. “About what, I don’t know, but I’ll find it! This elaborately silly headdress will know what to do with, I’m sure, and besides, I look fabulous, right? “I’ll have an infant idea today, and this search for knowledge is what will feed it and let it grow. So there I am, looking busy in my gorgeous tomboy drag, and I’m asked to dance by this dweeb the 8 of Coins. Mr. Workaholic wants to dance with fabulous me??? Huh, no one else is asking, so I guess . . . Whatever new idea I’m birthing today, it needs the special care & attention of a master-craftsman-in-training, the 8. OF course, lensing all of this, throwing a light grey shell over the whole scene, is XI Justice. If you’ve read any of these MashUps before, chances are good Justice was in it. It won’t leave me alone!!! I feel as if I am (almost) handicapped and drawing only 2 cards for the MashUp because XI MUST BE AUTOMATICALLY included. Damn it! I get, I do; I’ve checked the Rolodex thoroughly for situations where Justice was misapplied or not applied at all, where in some way I manipulated the system to obtain a desired outcome. I’m caught up. There are no new “sins” on my ledger that I must take into account, nor old ones left petrifying in a corner, so the only thing this can be is that, ONCE AGAIN, I am being reminded to treat the situation (? – what situation?) with justice, fair-mindedness, an even hand and an open mind. Be impartial. “We know this Justice will judge us fairly, and not be peeking out from beneath her blindfold to favor the rich or well-connected.”(LB). “I move toward Balance and Harmony,” yes, but I must do so in keeping in mind the rules of the road and the laws of the Land or else my license to drive at all could be revoked. Hmmm.  

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 21 March 2015 : the King of White Tiger (Swords), the Ace of Green Dragons (Pentacles) and lensing in from her 2nd, “night job” down on an side alley off the Ginza is XI Justice. (Today’s deck is the *Feng Shui Tarot* by Peter Paul and Eileen Connolly (son/mother.) It is, at first glance and quite obviously, a beautiful deck! The art is breathtaking and, given the theme, accurately portrays their archetypes. [RWS, with Justice at XI, as God has always intended it since the Big Bang!] A lovely, professional deck, good cardstock, etc. A Winner for anyone!) I make my entrance to la fête foraine this morning as the King of Swords (sigh) again. Here we go, Mark Miller hand #23, King of Swords, some minor arcana card, & XI Justice. And we have. . Um hmm, yep, we have it; there’s the Ace of Pentacles and Justice. I KNEW it! Justice is so steady at showing up in nearly every hand I ever draw for myself that I wonder if I have it tattooed across my forehead will it quit kinking up my spreads? Well, let’s just read ‘em down and dirty, shall we, Kemosabe? It looks as if a revived, revivified impulsion towards Growth, Change & Evolution on the Path is coming my way today (good news!) However, it is of such pure essence and power that I need to be every centimeter the king and handle it responsibly, being patient and respecting the rules in place. Do the job THOROUGHLY, Mark. Of course, beside my own desire to want to do the job responsibly, there is, as usual in the Tarot, that cold fish of a sister of mine watching every move I make and trying to be sure that I include her company all along the journey, Missy I-Love-My-Elevenness Justice. That is so typical of her, to assume a prime number, thinking she herself is prime and an arbiter of destinies. She’s not really, you know, but she does do a good job of assuring concern for balance in whatever situation she shows up. I like her, really I do, but like all intimate fans of great divas, you “get” to watch the ugly side, too. Justice isn’t so much ugly in her actions or words as she is thoughtlessly cruel, and I have a hard time coping with that at times. I need Mercy, too, She doesn’t. Well, she’s alright by me, so she might as well ride along to aide us to be more aware of our own limitations and behaviors and inevitably a need to assume responsibility, to “grow up.” I am at an age where any more growing up will grow me right into the tomb, but I’m okay with that, as long as I’m learning along the way. “I move towards balance and harmony,” sure, but I also move with a great deal of attention and the small, bitter aftertaste of perfectionism in my mouth.  


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 20 March 2015: the Knave of Chalices, the 7 of Pentacles and lensing in from the Mall where he was looking for a decent pair of orthopedic shoes is XV the Devil. (Today’s deck is the *Golden Tarot of the Czar* by Atanas A. Atanassov, with P. Alligo, [our friend] G. Berti and T. Gonard. The deck is exactly what you would expect: orthodox icons on fields of gold representing their frames or an iconostasis, with very heavily bent Christian interpretations on the cards. I use ALL of my decks like “skins,” if I wish to do so, only purchasing “differently system-ed” decks & book if I plan on using their system. An example is the Thoth deck, which you COULD use as just a “skin,” but it is SO much more, and to contact THAT you must use ITS’ system. So don’t be surprised if I’m talking about a card in its usual RWS imagery but you’re seeing an icon of St. Vladimir defeating the Mongol Horde in front of Kazan in the 14th century. If only he had tempered his madness, that first Czar . . . .) Well, I don’t so much ‘waltz’ in to the ball this morning as I enter and proceed” across the floor, picking up his dancing partner, the prophet Elias (they just came out of the closet!) and proceed to gavotte across the ballroom floor towards the raised dais at the far end. If you go with the deck’s Christian interpretation, you end up with “Brilliant Ideas” being successful in “Many Fields,” using 0 as Gerasa, as in the resurrection of, and the prophet Elias cultivating his crops. I would rather read them, however, as the beginning of an emotionally rich experience for me (perhaps in the psychic abilities realm?) and one that COULD be planted in many fields, but all of which require a bit of patience to see germinate and then blossom. Normally, I would read the 7 of Pentacles as a little less hopeful, but I am personally giving it more of a lift because I WILL it to be so, and yes, I’m playing favorites with myself; hang on, let me put on my Leslie Gore wig and sing “It’s My Party.” However, don’t be too put out with me, as I/we are dancing towards that dais which is NOW seen to be occupied by the most ascetic Lucifer I’ve ever seen. This indicated 2 things to me: first is the notion that my “brilliant idea” is going to be a material, 3-D, not-of-use-to-spiritual-growth concept and that, secondly, be very careful, Mark, because this has the possibility/probability of tying you down to the material in which I will simply mount in IMpatience. It could go either way. On the other claw, this entire reading COULD be about a young idealist to whom I take a physical, even sexual approach and must work hard and be patient, because I will have to sow a lot of fields to see anything bloom. I doubt that interpretation, I really do, but I offer it to demonstrate that it is there, if I want it to be. I don’t, I’d rather approach today without starting off with a sexual delusion, thank you. So . . . “I am FREE to do as I choose,” yes, that’s true, but c’mon, Mark, use a little bit of sense today, okay? Remember, “With the rich and powerful (or, in this case, my EGO) always a little patience.”  

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 19 March 2015 : the Queen of Swords, X the Wheel of Fortune and, lensing in from the fields of Death where the sights have driven him momentarily insane, the 10 of Wands. (Today’s deck is *Penny Dreadful: The Tarot of Vanessa Ives* by Anaïs Chareyre for Showtime. [For an interview with the creatrix of the cards, go here: http://evagreenweb.com/2014/07/26/egw-exclusive-vanessa-ives-tarot-card-designer-anais-chareyre-talks-about-designing-the-tarot-cards-her-craft-eva-green/ ].) I see TWO old friends in today’s draw, the 1st and 3rd cards, while the 2nd, X the Wheel of Fortune, shows up rarely enough in my draws. This is odd, considering that it is my business “sigil,” but there you have it. I start the day off with a Bang! with my not-so-old friend the Queen of Swords (she gets pissed if you call her “old” in ANY context. She prefers “experienced.”)Her Maj represents the connection between Sorrow and Wisdom, and the courage necessary to cut the “ties that bind” in order to see justly and clearly. I am not particularly in mourning for anything or anybody at the moment, and I can only hope that it isn’t in the near future, except for my bad habits, which I am happy to see into oblivion. Here she seems to have danced in holding X the Wheel. Now I love the Wheel, even when it isn’t being particularly favorable to me, because she helps me to believe that the Universe is a great Leveler, that while one or another “side” may be in favor at the moment it is sure to fall to the ONE thing that is a universal constant, Change. If you want a sure bet, bet on change. I rather like the symbolism on this version of the card, as it is such a simple reminder that, perhaps, Chance is born within ourselves, and comes about through the interaction of us and Energy. Ouroboros redefined within our being. I like that.  So, whatever is going on with Her Maj, I can be sure it is going to change or represents a change from the immediately previous (for me, which is the Now.) Observing all of this, tincturing all of this with the dye of his essence, is the X of Wands, the Tarot’s overloaded mule. Taking on too much, losing interest, becoming bored & then overwhelmed – how fiery, how Wand-like! – how me. Reduce your stress, pal. Way down. And if I’m feeling emotional doubt and rebellion and revolution brewing in the air, that is all about me versus me, not someone else, at least not this morning. I want a LOT from people, because I give a LOT, but you know, people can’t always follow through nor do they necessarily know what you mean. I need to be less disappointed when that frailty comes to light, in others and even in me. I’d LIKE to say I never disappoint myself, but that would be untrue. I am not sure anyone is really capable of living up to their own moral sense, at least if they aren’t sociopaths or worse.  So, today, “I release all repression so my Will flows freely.” Oh, yes, and remember, you can’t stack this deck - - I know, I’ve tried.  


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 18 March 2015: the Ace of Chalices, the 9 of Swords, and lensing in from the border between worlds is IX the Hermit. (Today’s deck is *The Prisma Visions Tarot* by James R. Eads with Katherine Tombs. Quite different, quite lovely.)  I must say that I am somewhat (read: “very”) disheartened to look at today’s MashUp . The 1st card is promising enough: it is asking me to open up today and let the wellspring of emotion, love and compassion, and intimate connection through the heart bubble up and take front and center stage. Then the 2nd card, the 9 of Swords, says, “And as soon as you do that, I am going to crush you through your own passivity in having to face me, your Fear.” So, in order to avoid being crush, don’t be passive about the wellspring I’ve just birthed. Then the 3rd card, IX the Hermit, our lensing card, speaks to me of the loneliness afterwards when I must withdraw to that “border between two worlds” and contemplate action and result until I reach some sort of accommodation with the cruel behavior.  This is basically my worst emotional nightmare come true. Open up your heart, that magical source, to flow freely and then . . . WHAM!! get hammered by some carefully prepared ultra-cruel maneuver on the part of the malicious and evil-spirited cosmos; finally having to slink away, lick my wounds and contemplate what the hell went wrong. That’s the basic reading, now it is a matter of determining degree and choices of action. I should probably take one of my anti-defeatist pills, as well; I mean, why watch your heart be crushed with a frown? “I dwell at the center of myself,” well, yes, of course, but better than actually whining and licking my wounds would be making sure that the action I plan to counterstroke against the 9 of Swords is effective, and thus I can send this mis-fortune, this evil sending, straight back to Hell.  

Good morning and Welcome! to my MashUp for 17 March 2015: the 3 of Cups, the Page of Pentacles reversed and lensing in from an exhibition on the Pre-Raphaelites in London is V the Hierophant. (Today’s deck is the *78 Tarot* by “A Global Art Collaboration” & Trish Sullivan. 78 different artists were each given one card to interpret. This deck is the assembled “product.” RWS. The results are, of course, 78 different styles and turn-ons/turn-offs. Divine at its best, quotidian at its worst. A different kind of tarot imagery experience, as the ONLY unifying precept among the cards is the Tarot deck blueprint. [In addition, you can’t help but wonder if a few of the artists understood the Tarot concept AT ALL.]) I feel as if I had my 3 of Cups day from the social angle on Sunday, 2 days ago, with the “The Tarot Game” gathering, a meeting and a ‘retrouvailles’ of old & new friends. This isn’t necessarily the case for this card, of course; it can simply stand in for the Golden Cornucopia, the legendary Horn of Plenty, overflowing with all of the good products of the earth. IT’s a nice card to get either way, but I’m glad to be fairly certain that today it’s a question of Horn and not Hoof. Reversed; my Page of Pentacles would indicate either relaxation after a hard task completed or prodigality in the sense of dissipation (Pollack.) I’ll go with the former rather than the later, 1st because intuition tells me that is so, as does simple experience, and 2nd because the very basic, real, factor of paying for wild dissipation just isn’t affordable this week! (Unless you count “dissipation on Tarot decks,” and then I have to throw you a bold look and inform you that obtaining more decks falls “almost” in the same category as air, food & water. I might even be forced to inform you that my wife has never, NOT ONCE, had a word to say about any or all of my Tarot expenditures; and this despite her complete disinterest in the Tarot herself.) So, the page of Pentacles reversed here is an acceptable, even desirable pull and I can remain calm & serene. (I find it amusing that one of the planet’s fiercest competitors is named Serena. She is anything but that . . . . ) All of which is being lensed with a somewhat surprising sensuality by V the Hierophant, in this deck an “Edward Burns-Jones-like” Oriental dancing girl. There is a bit of symmetry here to this card, but for me, it doesn’t work, so I will default to the abstract of the Hierophant and say that today’s promenade of abundance after task completion sounds eminently “approvable” to our Hierophant as long as we don’t devolve into dissipation, and take into account “his” need to give spiritual advice and keep the regulatory system together. It isn’t really going to get a lot better than that right now because Sephirah there has thrown me off-kilter. It really DOESN’T gel (again, for me.) Sigh. Like other days, - - sigh - - “whaddaya gonna do?” Go with the flow and see how Tuesday turns out, its only 24 hours, after all? I know, I’ll wait, and meditate upon: “I open myself to the wisdom of the Universe.” Perhaps that will help me see how Sephirah fits the picture here and why I’m simply missing it. Perhaps I can contemplate that problem over a sandwich from the Horn of Plenty . . . .  


Monday, March 16, 2015

Good morning, All, and Welcome! to the MashUp for 16 March 2015 :  the Queen of Coins reversed, XII the Drowned Man and lensing in from Lake Nasser, which crept up to Giza overnight, is the 8 of Cups. (Today’s deck is *The Journey Into Egypt Tarot” by Julie Cuccia-Watts. It is a beautiful, borderless Egyptian themed deck with a precise application of Egyptian astrology tied in to the Tarot. It is amazing, it works, and Ms. Watt’s dedication as birthed a lovely deck. Recommended, even if today I’m using it as a pure Tarot without too much tandeming with astrology.) (I found a Djed pillar in my home. Made of what seems to be pure gold, it is about 1 inch tall. It was lying on my Tarot table. I don’t own an objet d’art in the form of a Djed pillar. Mystery; but it inspired the choice of today’s deck.)  The Queen of Coins reversed would generally signify a psychic weakness or lack of self-trust (Pollack). That doesn’t immediately bring forth a carillon of recognition, but what does ring more true is a severance from Connectivity to the Earth, with attendant chaos. Specifically, mistrusting others is a “natural” state of being for me; it is a loss of rhythm, of environmental participation. The positive side here, though, is that the remedy is suggested as well, “get back to work,” and that in a helpful, not hindering, reference to that very loss. Paired with XII, the Drowned Man (in Ancient Egypt, drowning would have been a bizarre and omen-laden event; think about it. . .) signifying here, I would like to think, an independence of thought and a hard-won peace, alongside an idea of selfless self-sacrifice (!) for spiritual advancement and – ta da! – Inner peace.  This is being “lensed” through the 8 of Cups, which is interesting in that the 8 says, “It’s time. Move on.”  So if I am holding back or am trepidatious from “outcome doubt,” my cards are telling me, “Tough shit, get off the pot and get on down the Road, buster!”  This is made more interesting to me by the fact that yesterday I hosted a “The Tarot Game” gathering chez moi, with 6 participating players and a couple of kibitzers. My question for myself at the start of the game was, “How can I be more honestly relevant in my friendships while bringing satisfaction to myself?” The “reading” that eventually came out of the game for me was a kind of 6-card lunar spread: 0, VI, XI, VII, IX and the Ace of Wands, in that order. Almost ALL MA for me; and the odd man out is an Ace! So, in one version of reality, today’s draw could serve as a blueprint for HOW to answer yesterday’s question as well, added to or alongside the game-given reading. That, of course, leads to “Stop it, Mark. You’re coloring outside the lines again.” If one thought one could keep it together, why not 11 readings over 11 days to answer one question? Get real, joker, using today’s cards for that reason is a limited, “Attention, Shoppers, there is a Blue-Light Special on aisle 22!” kind of happening. So, today, “my energy is the energy of the Universe. My power is my own.” It’s a distinction that matters.