Monday, March 9, 2015

And prithee, may a Good day be had by you All! Welcome to the MashUp for 09 March 2015: The Ogoun Bhalin’dao of the Congo, XV Courir Le Mardi Gras and lensing in, well, more accurately describing, spatially displacing in, is Simbi La Flambeau of the Petro. (Today’s deck is *The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot* by Louis Maritinié and Sally Ann Glassman. The HUMONGOUS book that comes with it is 276 pages, and you need every single page to make your way around. It IS Tarot, alright, in the sense that an entirely other system has been overlaid on tarot systematics, and the match up and points of correspondence aren’t disastrous, which is faint praise indeed. I should say somewhere upfront here that I really like this deck, but it took me years to open and use it after I received it because a first glance had steered me in the wrong thought direction. The Voodoo “system” leaves a lot to be desired, on all those earthly, value-ridden scales, but their touch with the divine is never in question. I once had a strange, sideways brush with voodoo: I was kind to it, and it was more than kind to me. I miss its occasional presence in my life; it was like something home & warmy.) First of all, for today’s “small read” situation, let’s translate, keeping in mind N.O.V.T. cultural feed, the main feed. Today “translates” (poorly) as the Queen of Water from the Geburah Sphere; XV is Energies (there is no mention of Death anywhere except as the end point of bad choices.) Simbi La Flambeau is, for all intents and purposes, the King of Fire/Wands and is from Hod Sphere. Normally, at this point, I would start MY rundown of my pasteboards this morning; but instead (ahahaha – evil grin) I am going to append the “brief” write up for Simbi and then let you know I followed the advice reading as regular notation; I need FAR more time to get a handle on something this close to a Dark Art without being one. So, here’s the card description & the draw: good luck with your day! 

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