Monday, March 16, 2015

Good morning, All, and Welcome! to the MashUp for 16 March 2015 :  the Queen of Coins reversed, XII the Drowned Man and lensing in from Lake Nasser, which crept up to Giza overnight, is the 8 of Cups. (Today’s deck is *The Journey Into Egypt Tarot” by Julie Cuccia-Watts. It is a beautiful, borderless Egyptian themed deck with a precise application of Egyptian astrology tied in to the Tarot. It is amazing, it works, and Ms. Watt’s dedication as birthed a lovely deck. Recommended, even if today I’m using it as a pure Tarot without too much tandeming with astrology.) (I found a Djed pillar in my home. Made of what seems to be pure gold, it is about 1 inch tall. It was lying on my Tarot table. I don’t own an objet d’art in the form of a Djed pillar. Mystery; but it inspired the choice of today’s deck.)  The Queen of Coins reversed would generally signify a psychic weakness or lack of self-trust (Pollack). That doesn’t immediately bring forth a carillon of recognition, but what does ring more true is a severance from Connectivity to the Earth, with attendant chaos. Specifically, mistrusting others is a “natural” state of being for me; it is a loss of rhythm, of environmental participation. The positive side here, though, is that the remedy is suggested as well, “get back to work,” and that in a helpful, not hindering, reference to that very loss. Paired with XII, the Drowned Man (in Ancient Egypt, drowning would have been a bizarre and omen-laden event; think about it. . .) signifying here, I would like to think, an independence of thought and a hard-won peace, alongside an idea of selfless self-sacrifice (!) for spiritual advancement and – ta da! – Inner peace.  This is being “lensed” through the 8 of Cups, which is interesting in that the 8 says, “It’s time. Move on.”  So if I am holding back or am trepidatious from “outcome doubt,” my cards are telling me, “Tough shit, get off the pot and get on down the Road, buster!”  This is made more interesting to me by the fact that yesterday I hosted a “The Tarot Game” gathering chez moi, with 6 participating players and a couple of kibitzers. My question for myself at the start of the game was, “How can I be more honestly relevant in my friendships while bringing satisfaction to myself?” The “reading” that eventually came out of the game for me was a kind of 6-card lunar spread: 0, VI, XI, VII, IX and the Ace of Wands, in that order. Almost ALL MA for me; and the odd man out is an Ace! So, in one version of reality, today’s draw could serve as a blueprint for HOW to answer yesterday’s question as well, added to or alongside the game-given reading. That, of course, leads to “Stop it, Mark. You’re coloring outside the lines again.” If one thought one could keep it together, why not 11 readings over 11 days to answer one question? Get real, joker, using today’s cards for that reason is a limited, “Attention, Shoppers, there is a Blue-Light Special on aisle 22!” kind of happening. So, today, “my energy is the energy of the Universe. My power is my own.” It’s a distinction that matters.  

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