Monday, March 2, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 03 March 2015: the Page of Wands, the Ace of Cups and lensing in deciding to tell her portraitist that it felt “wrong,” somehow, as if everything were topsy-turvy; is XXI the World reversed. (Today’s deck is *The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire 50th Anniversary Tarot Deck* by Teresa Veneroso and Marcus Ossowski. Colorful deck using all the accoutrements of a modern Renaissance Faire in honor of the 1st back in California 52 years ago. RWS. VIII = Strength [yeah!]. Distracting borders. Real-life model participation. A lovely, one-of-a-kind-because-of-occasion deck. Normal read.) So, let’s see what the cards have to say. Well, I can see right away, using techniques I learned at the “Evelyn Woods Speed Reading for Tarot Readers” class I took over at Rubeville Community College, that today, yes, that’s right, TODAY, an exciting new young love affair is going to come into my life and the cosmic collision that will be our love affair turns my world upside down. That’s it! Not bad, eh? And I only had to pay $1995.95 plus S&H for the CDs and they were generous enough to give me a three-payment option at only 17.9%. I feel so blessed, now, even if buying that psychic gift put a dent in the kid’s food allowance this summer. Back to the reading . . . . Actually, although not a polar opposite, yes, I can see the basic message of the draw and it isn’t at all what I was joking about. Entering in is this persona/idea/project that is born of and being carried along not only by the nature of its own inextinguishable fountain of fresh born innocence & discovery but by the immediate effect it conjures up in tandem with that Ace of Cups. These two cards are at that point in the movie when Julia Roberts, star Agony Aunt columnist, runs into & falls in love with the only son of the snobbiest of aristocratic parents, an impossibly handsome & impossibly na├»ve and innocent prince, who IS “totally innocent” due to having been paranoically raised in an 18th-century throwback of a Swiss boarding schoolboy.  Mayhem ensues. (Gag.) [Note to self: call Rothschilds and ask them to do cameo as his parents, just for the hoot of doing it. Good box office, Illuminati draw.] /; §/; §/; § Okay, now, reality. All of that above is true, just not the way it is window-dressed. A new passion entering my life (or heightening of existing), coupled with OODLES of well-meaning energy just LOOKING for a place to help – HOWEVER, for whatever reason today, I’m going to/will/must/or must-NOT deliberately slow the process, the birth of this passion, down under any circumstances. The trick now will be to determine if it’s supposed to be midwifed or aborted, as the answer is not clear as of yet. I’m just going to have to hang in and live out the day as I would anyway, and when the moment or its reflection arrives, be aware of it and deal with it quickly, in other words, make a decision. I should be able to do THAT, at least, as a Child of the Universe!

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