Friday, March 6, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 07 March 2015: the Princess of Swords reversed, the 2 of Staves (Wands) and lensing in from her office in a mercury mirroring facility in eastern Bratislava is XX Judgment. (Today’s deck is the *Ancestral Path Tarot* by Julie Cuccia-Watts and Tracey Hoover. RWS. Good, colorful, pertinent art. Very nicely done if you are going to “do the tribal thang . . .” which, considering myself, is like bringing coals to Newcastle.  That being said, I find it a fine deck with which to work.)  Well, the reading, on its surface, is crystal clear. “Beware of paranoia today, Mark? You are living in your walled city of Me, Myself & I and you are out of touch and slipping; YOU NEED TO DO A COURSE ADJUSTMENT, and NOW. Look in the mirror, Jack; pick up the clue phone, it’s ringing.” Wow. Well, that is clear enough, no beating around the bush here. Now I just need to meditate, contemplate or incubate and find out EXACTLY what the fuck is going on, where I am so far off the tracks it isn’t comprehensible, how I missed it IF it does indeed exist, and what to do about it to set things back in alignment and live with one of my most oft-recurring cards, XX Judgment. Judgment is a tricky card – as the image suggests, it’s a LOT about “mirror work” à la Lacan, so porting Judgment OF yourself To yourself BY yourself can leave you swimming in lonely seas. If I am going to trust myself in this moment, I must trust in the belief that I have made a fair judge of myself. I’m keeping it short & sweet this morning, like this reading; it doesn’t need a whole lot of verbiage. 

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