Monday, March 2, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for the 02 March 2015: the 4 of Swords reversed, the 4 of Cups and lensing in from her visit to Ludwig in Bavarian Reality 2B and giving me some oversight today is my old chemistry class desk -partner, XIV Temperance. (Scared to death of dissecting a frog in Biology, but could make a stink bomb that would make you weep! She was always “making things nice,” god, that irritated me about her. She couldn’t stand any unfiltered emotion OR thought, so she had to modify and mollify EVERYTHING. I hear she finally passed because she refused to take an “unreasonable & unbalanced” [according to her] regime of drugs to fight off ovarian cancer – only something THAT un-“nice” was destined to kill her, poor thing.) (Today’s deck is the *Dark fairytale tarot * by Raffaele De Angelis, LWB by Lillie. RWS [& a tiny touch of Thoth.]  Lo Scarabeo. Franchement, mes chers, I wouldn’t have bought this deck in the normal course of things, but it received some Heavy praise and was “voted” one of the decks of its year of issuance, 2012. Now I’m glad I purchased it – we aren’t a “perfect” couple, but I can already tell I’m going to work very well indeed with these images. This deck suffers ONE GLARING mistake, however – GET RID OF THE BORDERS! These images NEED more space JUST to be seen, much less deciphered. As long as you aren’t sight-impaired, I can give a “positive!” to this deck.) I have a relatively easy read this morning, and that is how I am going to summarize it all just like this, Virginia: “You are a creature of extremes. From the sleep-like-death to the-end-of-the-party “Shit, I’ve drunk myself sober, AGAIN!” you experience life in such a way that you actually do not FEEL alive UNLESS there is something extreme either in the ring with you or waiting in the corridor for the announcer’s voice. And right now you are tired, to the point of fracture, and rest is needed more than ever, BUT do take care of how you construct that rest. Your other extreme is NOT “rest” from the one you are trying to escape. You know, Mark, that this is a true picture of this facet of you; and your cards are telling you your rest could be in danger of becoming something more if you cannot or will not rid yourself of the dregs of the bitterness of experience in your mouth, experience that you have so eagerly drunk lo these many years. I’ll say it again, Mark, just like I’ve said it every single fucking day of your life, and maybe, I never lose hope, you’ll hear me: Moderation in ALL things. I am NOT saying that “you can’t mix it up, Mark,” I am saying, “Go ahead and mix it up, Mark, IN THE RIGHT PROPORTIONS.” There’s a difference, Fool. So, if I am going to take advantage of the perfect pattern taking shape around me, take XIV into account; easier said than done, but do-able. Peace! Love! Re-elect Nixon!

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