Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 11 March 2015: the 8 of Fire (Wands), XVIII the Moon, and lensing in from the other side of the world where there is still daylight we have the frabjous Ace of Water (Cups)! (Today’s deck is *Vision Quest: The Native American Wisdom Tarot* by Gayan Silvie Winter and Jo Dosé. It is a genre of pan-American-Indian-spirituality that goes down easy, is more culturally comprehensible and quite frankly is more in line with the “white man’s” fantasy of Native Utopia than most other decks of this ilk; I just featured one, the *Ancestral Paths Tarot*, that I don’t feel was as approachable as this one is. Tonto and the Lone Ranger would have no difficulty recognizing the fictional landscape, but Sacajawea or Chief Sitting Bull most definitely would. Hell, my great-great-grandfather, an old-time full-blooded Osage Indian, would have recognized these cards, but not the others! To be fair, the *Ancestral Paths Tarot* IS more global in focus, with natives being indigenes worldwide, not just North American. Nevertheless . . . . All in all, a good deck, and it pleases me when I read from it.)  Reading from it today, I’m springing into action (I always want to vocalize !sproing! when I write the phrase “spring into action”) with Insight! Yes! That’s right, Mr. Miller, you’ve won a carb-free non-gm supply of Light Corn! The Best Corn on the Planet! For 2 years! I can start the day with good communications and productive sharing of ideas, I can keep things moving along at a rapid clip, just KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, Mark, there is something in the Air . . . and it smells a bit like. . Like. . XVIII the Moon! Personally I think that EVERYONE loves the Moon, and the only reason that feeling ebbs is because she withdraws every month, on a regular schedule, and denies us illumination, and Illumination. So we get moody & pout, until her exuberance draws us out yet again. And her Mystery. Oh yes, her Mystery is her great drawing card, and here Intuition is favored with the speediness of Insight. I was right; I’m going to need to keep my eyes and ears open today, there is news and I mustn’t be so wrapped up in the rapidity of things that I miss the susurring message.  Lensing my duo here is Mr. Emotional-Overflow, who is happily squirming in a pool of his own delight. This is, perhaps, due in part to the fact that I talked with my father last night, the first time in 12 years (not due to angry alienation, but other reasons) I have heard his voice. I was dancing on the ceiling (yes, even with my arthritis!) to hear my Dad’s voice, and to do “the broad catch-up” vocally required, as we have had news of each other, even written to each other, in the last 12 years, but never actually spoke with a Voice and Listened with an Ear. Glorious sound waves; last night made me appreciate, once again, the simple but infinitely complex gift of our physical senses. Yes, they may be little liars and misleaders, but sometimes there is a REAL use for them. At any rate, the Ace of Water, yes; I’m feeling especially well-disposed emotionally today. I can factor that right back in to my need for the 2nd card, the Moon, and add that very helpful and very POSITIVE energy into psychic channels today that may need to be clear, open and operating. So, “all-encompassing love fills me and my environment,” yes, but I have a brain, too, and I plan to use it. 

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