Friday, March 13, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 13 March 2015: the 8 of Oaks (Pentacles), The Oak Queen and lensing in from a quick escape from the Astrological Police (“For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”) is the STILL-wrapped-in-that-shitty-shadow-cape XII Eclipse. [Today’s deck is *The Incidental Tarot* by Holly DeFount. Professional job, nice deck. RWS. Cards more squarish than usual.  Gives a nice, gentle spiritual vibe to your reading. I like this deck and will use it in regular rotation. Thumbs up (y). ] Well, hmm, hmm, hmmm . . . I’m entering the day as work well-done but uncompleted. I suppose I can live with that; just get on with it, Mark! This seems to be what the Oaken Queen is encouraging me to do, as well. I don’t feel, this time, that the Oak Queen here represents a facet of my Anima or something supernal, but rather that I’m looking at a real woman, a real person, who may enter my life today. This Oaken Queen will be as expected, but unexpected will be her personal interest in seeing me complete the task. By “task” I mean “the Path,” “The Great Work,” “Evolution,” or “Enlightenment.” Well, if this is indeed a real woman, I look forward to meeting her! However, this is all being lensed, being seen, being filtered by XII Eclipse. Clever, cunning Eclipse, although you have to admit its timing is superb; alright, Mark, here, meet an interesting person on the Path and IMMEDIATELY sacrifice your Ego in front of that person, ride the vapor strange over which you have absolutely no control forward to TOTAL SURRENDER and you will be able to climb yet another rung in diminishing ladder. “I pause. And in pausing, see things differently.”  “Yes, well, how nice . . . EVERYBODY UP! We’ve got WORK to do!” 

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