Sunday, March 8, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp of today, 08 March 2015 : The Ace of Butterflies (Cups), XV the Wanderer (The Devil) and lensing in, I think, although here off the coast of Colombia it’s hard to be sure in this tricky-tricky light, “they” might have simply swam, is the 8 of Fish (Wands).  (Today’s deck is *The Macondo Tarot* by, of course, Macondo, who is, as far as I can gather, some mixture of Andrés Marquinez Casas and Diseñoy Dibujos. RWS. The deck is inspired by the works of Gabriel Garcia Màrques. It is self-described as “inspired by the magical reality of Colombia, by the images and the inhabitants of a village.”  It’s a pretty spectacular deck hiding under a cloak of RSW hand-painted colorful petite bourgeoisie; the disappointment with the deck is that the pips are pip-style, meaning no “art” on 1 – 10. Sigh, oh well. Nevertheless, put on your spectacles, and fetch your “loupe,” you are going to want to pay special visual attention to the MA. They ARE magical!) Today’s reading leaves me somewhat perplexed. For some strange reason, (this happens to me, occasionally) these cards are coming to me in Cassandra-like little verselets, and I’m left to sort out what JUST came into being, birthed in entirety, just as is, 1st in the card and 2nd in my unconsciously-sourced verselet. I look at the reading, and sliding the focus down and in on this first card, the Ace of Butterflies, I get: “the opulence of passion can drown even gods.” I don’t think gods is the right word, but I’m not sure what is. Sliding focus to XV, The Wanderer, I’m seized with fascination of the never-before-encountered in print statement that 0 the Fool is a stand-in for The Wandering Jew and all of his mythology. That’s research time: today, I hope. I’m afraid the card is self-defining today: I shall be “lost in the stacks” of the Internet running down Fool and Wandering Jew connections. (In a brief, crazed mental moment that old Olivia Newton-John clunker popped into my head, “Physical” – ugh. The imagery isn’t pretty, either – Olivia looking vampiric but toned and wearing a headband. Someone give me a pistol.) We also of course have the traditional materialist interpretation of XV here as well, and sliding the focus to the third card, the 8 of Fish (Wands), I can “predict” [“Madge! Psst! Madge! Dammit, Madge, cue the mystic music now!!”] . . . Umm hmm. . “I can predict that I shall “probably seek the mystic information I want on the Internet this very afternoon!” (“Thankyou! Thankyou! $10 please! $10!”)  Well, I’m having a little fun with the cards, but that IS what they say, at least to me, although admittedly in a very surface-y manner. But you know what? I don’t WANT to go deep today, I feel as if I have just exited a 2-week stay in a decompression tank after a good while spent Way-The-Fuck down there with My Deep Dark Stuff. I used to wonder why I have liked, since practically birth, things like deep sea creatures & giant squid & other Vernesian-like horrors of the deep, as well as a fascination with the wisdom that lies buried at the bottom of the sea, and shining jewels, perhaps even wise mer-people . . . etcetera. I don’t wonder anymore; I have seen far better and far worse, far more beautiful and uglier, far more frighteningly divine and frighteningly more demonic in mine and other people’s eyes and souls to wish for cheap mock-ups elsewhere. Well, here we go for the real thing.  “Saddle up, TammiSue! We’re outta here! We got shit to do!”

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