Monday, March 9, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 10 March 2015: the 2 of Sticks (Wands), the King of Cups and lensing in from his Triskellion throne of “I AM Right!” is IV, the Emperor. (Today’s deck is *The Tarot of the Absurd* by Jessica Rose Shanahan. Wow, that’s a beautiful Irish lass’s name, isn’t it? I see Julianne Moore in the part . . . . A B&W, RWS-style deck, very, very humorous for those that get it; I really like it. With this style of deck, you have to know your Tarot, because the cards aren’t really going to hide any ignorance with a wealth of visual symbology; with even a minimum of knowledge, however, they speak.) So I am bounding into the day as the 2 of Wands, hmm? Given a Waite read, then, despite its’ appearance of two-some-ness, this is really a card about isolation, solitude, about “it’s lonely at the top.” I’ve won. I have it all. I am alone. I “have” no one. I’m bored. (“No, those are not assertions about my life, phewl; it’s the card, pay attention, Marjorie, the card! For god’s sake, somebody give Marjorie some gin & shut her up!”) Well, I suppose this can serve as a warning IF I ever have it all, but this bell tones badly when this kind of assertion faces off with another Tarot truism, “Act It to Be It.” I’ll tuck this 2 of Wands in my back pocket for now, and progress to . . . oh fuckin’ great, the IDontWannaBe King, the King of Cups. (Sidebar: I love the art on this card! The Minoan Ritual [cold-as-a] Fish King is perfect; he is the Goddess’ consort-representative, another aspect of the Bull, but really just a marionette. He doesn’t want to be there, you can “see” it.) You know, grown men who mewl and caterwaul in self-pity about having to be responsible just simply PISS ME OFF.  “So what? Tough shit, buddy, man up, grow a pair, and get out there and Deal With It!” LOL, - hah, now who does that sound like, eh? . . . could it be . . .IV, the Emperor??? LOLOLOL. It’s me, I know THAT for SURE. So mounting the Triskellion Throne and donning the Triskellion Crown I act out . . . myself! today. I don’t really care much about the King of Cups, the I Don’t Want to Play King of Hearts, His Unimpressive Majesty, King Herkimer the Limp. So, armed with my secret aloofness & solitude in my back pocket, I shall go out and be . . . me this morning!  (Normally I don’t really have any use for “aloof and solitary” except as stage props; a good actor uses anything at hand! Me, I adore complicity.) Let’s see . . . hmm; what shall I carry today as my affirmation? . . . hmm. . I know: “I trust and depend upon my own Power.”

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