Thursday, March 5, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 06 March 2015: XV (the) Devil, 7 of Shells (Cups) and lensing in not far from the wreck of the Hesperus is our oh-thy-all-died?-that’s-too-bad SMILING V the Hierophant reversed. (Today’s deck is the *Fishy Tarot* by Beth Seilonen. RWS, numbered, limited edition. Card stock is weird – as if you had laminated them yourself in an inner city Kinko’s very late at night wearing your blingiest “I don’t BELONG Here!” T-shirt and carrying a large transparent sack full of Boone’s Farm AppleGrape Wine Fizz. Or Manishewitz.  The deck itself is fine; traditional & there are no meta-esoteric changes that are going to reverberate and turn your Tower upside down & inside out. I saw the deck and bought it on a whim, a caprice, because Fishy Dude (the Fool’s name) was just too off-kilter, I liked it. Still enjoying it, light reading, meant (I believe) to teach very, very young children the Tarot, how to introduce it into their lives in a positive and helpful way, how to use a powerful daily tool. It’s a cool idea. At any rate, I saw it, laughed & called it ridiculous, and then “metaphorically” said, “Wrap it up, I’ll take it!”) Right off of the top I meet XV Devil, (he doesn’t even merit an indicative adjective!) As I’m having a few money issues at the present, and a strong feeling that I am being “un-nice” to people gives me pause here. There may be a load of truth in this card, as Ego has been “slave-driving” lately, my cards yesterday “accused” me of whitewashing Tyranny, and I’m feeling uncomfortable in my skin, about a Level 5 on a scale to 10. I’m not sure that my wife does or does not have her own Faustian deal, but it is worth asking as well as asking what her payment is to be. I can “see” many of you shaking your heads and murmuring, “He wouldn’t dare? ? ?” You don’t know me, yes, I would, and will. And my wife shall have no problem with it, because that is the kind of woman she is, “It’s Mark, he wants to know, tell him” whether the answer is yes or know. The ONLY secret I keep from my wife is that I use Clairol “Light Summer Hussy #63,” and not L’Oreal’s “Platinum Pussywillow #15.” Odd, isn’t it that XV is hooked up here with the 7 of Shells? I just had my usual diatribe about the illusions of Tyranny versus the tyrannies of Illusion yesterday, here, so I won’t detail it again here. Placement here next to the Devil, however, gives them both Extra punch, so be careful around what’s on offering today, Mark. Very careful. Lensing in from watching Christians & non-Christians alike go drown screaming, crying and wailing to be saved has brightened the Hierophant’s day quite a bit. He knows the dead were either the Unsaved or the Rejectionists, and he’s happy in either case. Thank you, Leonardo, for yet another weapon of mass destruction so that I may colonize with my sway and eventually count for absolutely nothing, NOTHING, in the footnotes of History. Fishy Dude is feeling pretty ‘hood right now, however, as he swims around the sunken symbols of the cultic teachings of Christianity. Order, Silence, March, Order, etc.; all issuing from the topsy-turvy head of a poseur to power and leadership and spiritual guidance. Phooey. I’ll be keeping a keen eye out today for snake-oil salesmen and door-to-door gigolos & pizza Zen wannabes.  There is, of course, a slightly divergent Path: I could take all of this today, including “Materialism” and “Illusion,” and chuck my preconceived defenses against them out the window, and open myself to the Wisdom of the Universe. Yeah, there is always THAT option . . . .



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