Monday, March 23, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 23 March 2015: the King of Wands, the 6 of Disks and lensing in from the Blessed Fields where young marrieds who die together go is VI the Lovers. (Today’s deck is *Le Tarot des Anciens Egyptiens* by Clive Barret, an “egyptologue” and a “Tarologue” based here in France [my business card titles me as a “Tarologue” as well, the more elegant French word to describe a professional card reader.] RWS. The cards are straightforward presentations of the RWS arcana figures, their “good” or selling point being that they are restrained and relevant, and not a New Age joke. Among my Egyptian-themed decks, this is one I like but unfortunately it doesn’t get through rotation often enough. Sigh.) It’s a red dawn, but oddly enough I feel good. (“Red sky at morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailor’s delight.”) The cards have, of course, been turning out to be pretty accurate lately; I have to assume that this is due to improved reading skills, not the cards falling differently, the cards haven’t changed. It was a good weekend for contemplation and self-improvement; there was also one howler on record (a marital dispute), which was soon resolved, but not soon enough for either of us. Marriage is a job neither of you want, sometimes. Ha. Here’s my old ready-to-wear for today, the King of Wands. If you have ever held a position of authority, you know how fucking tedious & tiresome a job can become. I really LIKE it when I’m functioning as the King or Wands, most of the time, but there is that element to his rigorous code of conduct that I don’t like and do not resemble, which is his lack of humor and his martinet military approach to working relationships is off-putting, to be generous about it. However, his solutions to problems ARE often surprising and/or revolutionary. Here he is hooking up with the 6 of Disks and before I go on, I must tell you that this 6 of Disks is defined very differently than the normal version, by the deck’s creator; here the 6 of Disks represents the arrival of unexpected riches, such as a surprise inheritance or winning the Lottery. I have never read the 6 of Disks as that kind of a “Am I gonna find me a man an’ some cash to get me sum purty things?” question’s response. I’m surprised the tedium isn’t more apparent and more reactionary when I get those kind of questions, and I perversely insist on reading these kind of “truths” in a “Really? You are going to aim as LOW as this, really?? Why bother?” manner.  Well, okay, but I’m tossing that card meaning in the trashcan. Follow me, now, and we’ll find a new meaning. When I went to bed last night, I asked that I be guided and blessed with understanding in this morning’s MashUp. I woke up this morning and the number 7 was ricocheting, bouncing, shooting, and arcing from a thousand mirrors in my memory palace. Now, 7 doesn’t bode particularly well for me. IT has never been a lucky number, for me. It brings no particular mystic truths or values, to me. (“Enough about you; let’s talk about me!”) It is “impair,” odd, and a prime, and those are its sole uses for me. SO, this spectacular insistence on 7 surprised me, and right away, without any thought at all, I knew it meant the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which turns out to be “Zayin,” which is the Path for Key 6, The Lovers. And what was my third, “lensing” draw today? The Lovers. (Cue spooky glissando.) So I think it is safe to say that HERE is our KEY card of the day, VI the Lovers. Not a favorite of mine, but alright, if that is your ‘thing.’ This is about, if you read the card in this manner, the union of opposites in order to become whole and holy, and to have this Wholeness become more than the sum of its parts by disposing of that which keeps us separate. So, taken in THAT manner, I grok this card entirely. On another level, this card symbolizes the parents of Geb and Nuit (Earth and Sky), who were known as Tefnut and Shu, identical twins and the first beings created by Amon-Ra. She was the Goddess of Moisture and he was the God of Air. On and on and such and such. The important point here is “Mystical Union” in order to produce Wholeness, the antithesis of the unprogressive and spiritually-lacking being. So, this turns out to be a GREAT lensing card, throwing its veil of mutation to wholeness over the day’s reading. I can live with that; hell, I can DESIRE that!    

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