Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 25 March 2015: the 2 of Pentacles, the Glory (Queen) of Swords and lensing in from that sweet green tyranny of the Emerald City is « the great and powerful » Oz. (Today’s deck is a little jewel, like a medieval Book of Hours. It is *The Golden Age Of Hollywood Tarot Deck* by Lorelei Douglas [her ‘nom de Tarot’]. Wonderful memories jump to mind when using this deck, and happily the focus is on “the Golden Age” and NOT the Age of Tin in which we currently live.  Lorelei has added 4 optional cards to the deck, Vetoes (one Veto) which are suited “No” cards – no, you shouldn’t know, it’s not the right time, etcetera. I don’t use them, but they are there if you want them. Like other decks with add-on cards, I leave them in the box. If you are a movie buff, then you’ll go gaga over this deck, and for that single person that remains, buy the deck, you’ll learn something.) On the surface, this is a damn fine reading – a new discovery awaits, an exciting new discovery, just be aware that I need to treat it within “the boundaries of my construct,” straight-up and honestly, and the discovery is more than probably going to strengthen me in my Spirituality and the spiritual side of the Quest, that same quest upon which we all embark (even if some run, some drag their feet, some resist, some refuse, etc.) On the surface, I said - - - and “mainly” true and open, I think, EXCEPT for that 3rd card, V the Bureaucrat (the Hierophant, the Pope). I have a feeling, a “vibe” about him today that this is not one of his open & clear days but a day of enforcing the status quo and generally being a stick up my butt. The Bureaucrat and I have a long, dark history, from the very beginning, and in the form of some Catholic priests he wreaked some real havoc in my life a long time ago. I do not take being someone’s spiritual “subject” well, at all, and the idea of such a control freak (and it is ALWAYS a control freak that will seek out this position) being given a staff of ultimate spiritual authority renders me quite ill. I know where I would like to stick that staff. Another, more classic way of saying the same thing is, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”  Now, for the big, dark secret that isn’t a big, dark secret at all – I wouldn’t mind being the Hierophant, if only to get in there and set fire to the Vatican and watch the Sistine Chapel burn to the ground. Not that I advocate the destruction of art, I don’t, but I DO advocate the destruction of the institutions of Slavery. Very few things have happened as destructive to human growth as the Christian Experience. IN MY OPINION. (No hate mail, thank you.) However, bathing as I do in the sweet waters of Whatever Falls, I don’t drag screaming Christians out of church and manacle them to an empiricist Point of View. Let It Be. As for today, I’ll let that be, too, not that I have a whole lot of choice (of course I do, but the comforting illusion is that I don’t – however, I don’t like the taste of illusion, so I’m not terribly worried.) I think that probably the best way I can stay open to the Hierophant today is to simply follow the non-sectarian party line that sees in him the “Teacher.” So, today, “I open myself to the wisdom of the Universe,” without too many reservations, my cards on the whole speak of a positive experience. Unless I trip over my own Ego along the way, I love discoveries, so I’m ready to set off on this little expedition tout de suite!   

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