Thursday, March 26, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 27 March 2015: the 10 of Chalices, the Knight of Wands and lensing in from “a dark and stormy night,” arrives VII the Chariot.  (Today’s deck is *The Prisma Vision Tarot* by James R. Eads with Katherine Tombs. I REALLY like the deck, reminiscent of Van Gogh on acid.) I’m marching onto the parade ground this morning dressed as the Knight of Wands with 10 Chalices hanging from my armor. Sort of. On a lightly brushed surface reading, one could say that there is a pure and simple pleasure, one of emotional satisfaction, carried by the knight today, who is very passionate in his pursuits but often lacks foresight. He is “the Fool rushing in where Angels fear to tread.” This kind of emotional Zen wouldn’t normally sit well on the knight, but they are paired up for me today. In complicity? In opposition? Am I going to enjoy the blossom of emotional fulfillment as the Knight, accompanied by the knight, or in opposition to said knight? We have to look at our lensing card to get a hint: VII the Chariot. Now, VII is one of the MA most disgracefully neglected by me; it “does” nothing for me. It never turns up in self-readings and in clients’ readings I usually give it a completely neutral affect (not effect) on the cards around it (unless its position is screaming at me.) Here’s the rub; last night, shortly after midnight, I drew a single MA to symbolize the coming year, the coming 365-day period, from 27th March 2015 to 26th March 2016. Today is my birthday, and I wanted a “sigil” for the coming year of my life. I drew VII the Chariot. That unremarkable, only the barest affinity, no-relationship-to-speak-of longer than 3 minutes, VII the Chariot. Since moving to Europe, I don’t even drive anymore! Ha! Not that that has anything to do with this Arcanum, but the synchronicity is amusing. Just the other day in a MashUp I spoke of how meaningless the number 7 is personally to me, no carrier of good luck in MY life, at least. Not unfriendly either, but 7 just isn’t numerologically important to me, not in my name or anywhere else, and “transportation” is no longer a daily-reality issue, so it is full-on metaphysical meaning that must be looked for in this draw. In that case, I’m a bulldozer. Push on, push on, obstacles mean nothing; power and swiftness are my qualities now. Victory, hard won or easily gained, perhaps even snatched from the jaws of defeat (although there isn’t much drama-fueled defeat in my life at the moment.)But regardless of the fine print, the larger script is the vehicle for the message of indomitable Will and Power put to a cause, put to use to forge ahead regardless of cost. So, I am going to move through life triumphantly today, and why not? I feel like feeling good today, it is my day, after all!   

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