Saturday, March 28, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 28 March 2015: the 6 of Wands, the Knight of Swords and lensing in from a Festival of Faith with her sacrifice still fresh on her hands is XVII the Star. (Today’s deck is *The Vampire Tarot* by Nathalie Hertz. Part Conan the Barbarian, part almost-changed-animé, part “comic perverse,” this is an interesting deck by the French artist cited above. RWS. Fun, easy to read, another vampire deck.) I waltz out this morning not so much waltzing as I seem to be wrapped in wine-stained sheets made of bluster, false optimism and some tinkling crystal doubt. Or at least that is how Rabelais, my oldest cat, chose to interpret my arthritis this morning. I didn’t particularly feel that way at all, and unless it sweeps over me in a sudden sea-change of emotional weather, I don’t expect to today. Nevertheless, that is what the card says, and even being allied with one of my oldest friends/enemies, the Knight of Swords, isn’t going to help the 6 that much. The Sword male royals have been a real pain in the ass (and NOT the good kind) for about a year now, and I REALLY wouldn’t mind spending less time in that strife-ridden, barbarian Court. BUT, here he is, rampaging  around, and despite his ‘you-can’t-help-it-you-HAVE-to-like-him’ charm and goofy, misdirected help, he is carrying that 6, reversed, right into the Court, bringing in blinders and false optimism in his wake. Luckily, lensing all of this today is XVII the Star, bringing her inner calm to settle over the Court like a soft down comforter, filled with tranquility. She is trying to spread healing through to the 6 and the Knight after their calamitously screwy entrance. Let’s hope she succeeds. I really don’t want my morning and/or day to be like the opening duo at all and simply knowing that is already changing it. You may remember Bette Davis’ famous line from the classic *All About Eve*, “Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night!” Well, I am sincerely hoping that won’t be true for MY day, as well. If there is any hitch in the day, “I Can Create What I Need.”  


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