Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 30 March 2015 : the 3 of Pentacles, the Knave of Wands and lensing in from her most recent visit to the Blighted Heath is XVII the Star.  (Today’s deck is the *Dark Fairytale Tarot* by Raffaele De Angelis for Lo Scarabeo. RWS. The name says it all. My only Caveat Emptor is that I find the cards too small to have any real appreciation or even identification of the artworks pictured.) So, we are off to the races today (the winter ball season is over.) We will probably get pissed on by the rain, caught in a windstorm or suffer a late snowfall, but Spring is here. My draw tells me this morning that no, Mark, not this time, we are not talking master craftsman here or if we are it is only in the sense of being able to take decisive action. This deck tells me that the 3 of Pentacles represents decisive action in a desperate time; okay, but I have to admit that I’m not exactly feeling as if I am living in a desperate situation. I just turned 63, my health is moderately okay even with the astronomical medical “bills” it is presenting to me now for past abuse, and in general my life is going rather swimmingly. This must mean “desperate times” of another nature, but I am in the dark for the moment so I shall have to wait to see from where this dangerous situation originates. The next card, the Knave of Wands, in this instance is standing in for going it alone, and letting others assume what they want about something with which you are linked. I’m not sure WHY she stands for that, but she does so by artist’s intent, sayeth the LWB that came with the deck (I rarely take them into account, but I DO read them. They can often guide you to understanding the art in the card with just a few meager clues.) Together, our “couple tells me this is a wise and accomplished craftsman who has decided, for his own reasons, to take immediate and drastic action in a situation FOR which he is mistakenly held responsible. Hmmm, not feeling persecuted and up against the wall this morning, either. I presume amalgams of and/or “riffs off of” this reading will coalesce during the day, and here is my suggested course of action, suggested by me to me. The Cosmos is providing background accompaniment (today it is ancient Chinese music – the Cosmos has a sense of humor, as it knows I am reminded of Sun Tzu and *The Art of War*.) It isn’t often that I am at war with myself in this cloak-and-dagger fashion, so it will require subtlety, which here is provided by the Hope emanating from XVII the Star. Even in the Blighted Heath she brought hope to people’s hearts, and she is willing to do it here today, for me. So I CAN hope for a good, peaceful resolution of whatever mini-drama is going to spring forth today. I can live with that. We ALL live on the hope that “things will get better” at some point in our lives, there are no exceptions; we are ALL on the roller-coaster. So, when we hit those low points of depression, futility and sadness, remember that roller-coaster, and how, when you are on it at that point, despite the “down moment,” we can feel the engines rumbling and clearing their throats beneath us, getting ready to power us back up the hill or slope to whatever new high awaits us. We aren’t living bi-polar lives, but at times it can certainly seem that way. So, gather up your skirts, girls, we are going to have to wade in and get dirty. However, the Star has brought Hope to clean us up before, during and after. So, knowing that I can create anything I need, I’m ready to face the day, Hope at my side. A bientôt!  

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