Monday, March 30, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 31 March 2015 : the 8 of Disks, the Knave of Disks and lensing in from the blacksmith’s where he is having new breastplates made for his sphinxes is VII the Chariot. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot Mucha* by Giuliq F. Massagglia, Barbara Nosenzo, Lunaea Weatherstone, Massimiliano Filadoro and of course Alphonse Mucha.  Straightforward RWS. The deck speaks for itself. Lovely. Easy to read.) Da-Dum! Well, today is like reading vanilla pudding, quick and obvious. If any spread could represent the Protestant Work Ethic, this it. I hone my craft, skills or knowledge, I am aided by a youth or the spirit of youth in the task, and the more I use him/her the better he/she will perform. When all is said and done, I can contemplate my completed task with satisfaction and not a little vanity, but do Beware, Mark! Let this feed your humility, generosity and nobility, and NOTHING else. No Ego food today, not if you manage fit well, Tonto. And that is how I’m leaving it; for today, on the fluffy & surface-y side of the reading; I have to do this because I am terribly rushed today, very busy, with a LOT going on. So, thankfully, the cards tailored themselves for that! Also, I didn’t receive a layout of all misty, drifty, meditation-bound cards, so the Tarot isn’t going to “burden” me today. ‘Attaboy, Tarot. (Hmmm – name for next puppy or kitten??) (I have a friend who has a VERY large python in his home as a pet. Perhaps he should be renamed as Crowley.)  So, I move through life triumphantly today, and knowing that, I had better get a move on; I’ve got work to do!  

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