Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 01 April 2015 (April Fool’s Day, OUR day !): the 6 of Coins, the Queen of Swords reversed and lensing in from China where he spent six months on a topsy-turvy murder investigation is V the Heavenly Master reversed. (The two reversed cards are pictured upright only for display purposes. Today’s deck is *The Chinese Tarot Deck* by Juio Guoliang and LWB by S. Kaplan. Simply beautiful, really beautiful/ RWS. Not a beginner’s deck, but not hard, either. I like it.) On the whole we have a rather simple reading, but nothing is simple, is it? On the surface, we have a gambling gentleman allied or crossed by a hysterically angry woman in high dudgeon and all of this is being observed by that venal and manipulative old man lurking behind the dais of the throne, the decrepit and sinister Heavenly Master. There, now go ahead and try to sell THAT to a client. Ahahaha! Unless I am the current emperor/empress of China, this is rank nonsense. Well, perhaps not rank, but certainly nonsense. In the 1st place, I haven’t been enthroned yet! Grin. Okay, enough foolishness, let’s see what I am scrying about. I have a 6 of Coins here which has the traditional meanings but adds that of a scryer with coinage: seeing the future with coins. We know this IS rank nonsense, but we understand what he is trying to do; we do exactly the same, but with cards, every day. So in this instance, I think we can safely say we have a seeker, someone well-established in the Coins suit and its components. Now let’s see what he is seeing. He immediately sees the Queen of Swords on her head, frothing furiously at the mouth and hysterical with rage. This is the viper, with glittering green eyes and every nasty, mean-spirited sneaky ounce of dagger-like cruelty she can muster. This is the kind of woman who would poison her own children to get ahead. Now short of my neighbor’s daughter, I do not know any women even remotely like that, although can suppose that it is possible this evil metamorphosis could happen to any of them. But I think not, so it is more likely an attitude or ambiance which I will encounter today, although that ugly personage could be present there, one must admit. Finally, observing all of this with an air of outraged orthodoxy and uselessness is V the Heavenly Master reversed. Once a reserved but compassionate and merciful man, his lack of sanity highlighting an attitude of victimhood and vulnerability. In other words, he’s a useless dick, and his catamite will tell you the same thing with a different meaning. We need to elect a new Heavenly Master and retire this one to a quiet and secure location in the far reaches of the kingdom. So, all in all, our scrying warrior isn’t seeing much good in his coins, is he? Well, it could be worse; he need only remember that his own thoughts and actions dictate what manifests around him. To do so with care and scruple, and to progress through the traps along the Path today. Therefore, I might as well “open myself to the wisdom of the Universe,” and take a careful but progressive plan through today.  


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