Thursday, March 19, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 20 March 2015: the Knave of Chalices, the 7 of Pentacles and lensing in from the Mall where he was looking for a decent pair of orthopedic shoes is XV the Devil. (Today’s deck is the *Golden Tarot of the Czar* by Atanas A. Atanassov, with P. Alligo, [our friend] G. Berti and T. Gonard. The deck is exactly what you would expect: orthodox icons on fields of gold representing their frames or an iconostasis, with very heavily bent Christian interpretations on the cards. I use ALL of my decks like “skins,” if I wish to do so, only purchasing “differently system-ed” decks & book if I plan on using their system. An example is the Thoth deck, which you COULD use as just a “skin,” but it is SO much more, and to contact THAT you must use ITS’ system. So don’t be surprised if I’m talking about a card in its usual RWS imagery but you’re seeing an icon of St. Vladimir defeating the Mongol Horde in front of Kazan in the 14th century. If only he had tempered his madness, that first Czar . . . .) Well, I don’t so much ‘waltz’ in to the ball this morning as I enter and proceed” across the floor, picking up his dancing partner, the prophet Elias (they just came out of the closet!) and proceed to gavotte across the ballroom floor towards the raised dais at the far end. If you go with the deck’s Christian interpretation, you end up with “Brilliant Ideas” being successful in “Many Fields,” using 0 as Gerasa, as in the resurrection of, and the prophet Elias cultivating his crops. I would rather read them, however, as the beginning of an emotionally rich experience for me (perhaps in the psychic abilities realm?) and one that COULD be planted in many fields, but all of which require a bit of patience to see germinate and then blossom. Normally, I would read the 7 of Pentacles as a little less hopeful, but I am personally giving it more of a lift because I WILL it to be so, and yes, I’m playing favorites with myself; hang on, let me put on my Leslie Gore wig and sing “It’s My Party.” However, don’t be too put out with me, as I/we are dancing towards that dais which is NOW seen to be occupied by the most ascetic Lucifer I’ve ever seen. This indicated 2 things to me: first is the notion that my “brilliant idea” is going to be a material, 3-D, not-of-use-to-spiritual-growth concept and that, secondly, be very careful, Mark, because this has the possibility/probability of tying you down to the material in which I will simply mount in IMpatience. It could go either way. On the other claw, this entire reading COULD be about a young idealist to whom I take a physical, even sexual approach and must work hard and be patient, because I will have to sow a lot of fields to see anything bloom. I doubt that interpretation, I really do, but I offer it to demonstrate that it is there, if I want it to be. I don’t, I’d rather approach today without starting off with a sexual delusion, thank you. So . . . “I am FREE to do as I choose,” yes, that’s true, but c’mon, Mark, use a little bit of sense today, okay? Remember, “With the rich and powerful (or, in this case, my EGO) always a little patience.”  

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