Saturday, March 14, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my MashUp for 14 March 2015: the 10 of Pentacles, the Ace of Swords and winging in from the site of the multi-alarm arsonist’s dream is the 10 of Wands. 5Today’s deck is the *Tarot of Ceremonial Magick* “by” Lon Milo DuQuette, but actually Crowley with DuQuette’s DEEP background in Thelema. If you see even just one of these cards, it gives the game away – SO jam-packed with information that the mind reels! Don’t look to the illustrations for right-brain inspired artistic message, here it is straight-out, down & dirty, hard info. I LOVE them, but being lost feels “like home” when you are swimming with THIS deck. I may stick with this deck for a day or three; I love working with Thoth, even if I am in no way fit to carry the god’s palette. I’d like to continue to learn.)  I feel like I’m looking at the whiteboard of a crime in a police station and up on the board at the moment are three suspects. In a way, this is my mind’s “eye” telling me the only possible way for me to get a handle on this is if I look at the reading that analytical way, seeing where the information leads. The 10 of Disks says it is about the fulfillment of “monetary” desire, but more importantly, for me, is reading it as the “lust for results,” (“borrowing” heavily from its’ matching book-end 10 of Wands.)  Bingo, present, yep, I’m guilty. I AM that kind of person who wants to jump from those Aces to those 10’s in one swell foop, and let’s just slide over the “work” part, okay? The Angels here are Meet-To-Be-Exalted and Refuge, and the Goetic imagery is very 4-Horsemen-like (Bathin and Murmur.) This is a bit worrisome to me as it immediately precedes  the Ace of Swords, root of the Powers of Air (I’m a Fire human being yet an Air Magician; imagine the conflagration!) Crowley/DuQuette call it “invoked force for good or ill.” Charming. And ALL of this precedes the 10 of Wands; I feel like I’m being told to bite the pillow and hang on. Oppression. Ugh. Even the word is distasteful, like watching an untreated leper at table. Here the lust for results really blossoms. His Angels are Expectation and Patience, and his Goetic imagery is super demoniacal, to say the least (RonovĂ© and Andras.) Interestingly enough, Andras’ main “job” is to sow discord. Hmmm. All in all, Be On Your Guard Today, Mark! A potential shitstorm is in the works and I will have to be nimble and dexterous enough to manoeuvre my way to get beyond it. “I release all repression so my Will flows freely.”  

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