Sunday, March 15, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my MashUp for 15 March 2015: XI Lust, the Princess of Cups and lensing in from a lethal hangover is the 5 of Cups. (Today’s deck, the *Tarot of Ceremonial Magick* “interpreted” by Don Milo DuQuette; for details see yesterday’s MashUp.) Well, anyone feel like a 4-alarm fire today? Right off the bat this morning, the fixed Fire of XI rushes up to meet the Princess of Cups, Princess of the Waters and Lotus of the Palace of the Floods. Do you know what happens when super-hot fire meets quantities of water? It doesn’t just hiss furiously, it actually creates an explosion. VoilĂ , that is supposedly me, starting the day. I didn’t sleep well any way last night, so drawing this this morning was a bit disheartening, as I imagined the amounts of energy I am going to be obliged to use to actualize this, even subconsciously, is enormous. Today I feel like my energy is a “fixed sign,” and doesn’t handle depletion well. Aside from the conflagration, however, the news it brings is good! I tend to think of the Thoth XI Lust as Strength on a joyride; 1st of all, she’s Leo and every woman in my life EXCEPT my wife is a Leo, and XI is characterized as “Understanding, the Will of the New Aeon, Passion, Energy Independent of Action (highlighting my strained resource) and Strength and the utilization of magical power. That sounds self-familiar in the broad strokes, at least. She’s a LOT about the Serpent; Crowley saw her thusly: “The Lion-Serpent begets Gods! Thy throne the rampant Beast, our Lady Babalon. Stripped of its false Biblical imprecations & implications, the entire concept of Babalon is as a living womb for some of the higher virtues.  The Princess of Cups can be her “water,” if you wish, nourishing the Serpent of her knowledge while it is still in the womb. The Princess is shouldering a large quantity of tension, between dealing with the forces of Simplicity and being barely able to command obedience from anywhere. In a purely divinatory sense, she can signify a symbiotic relationship, of which I already have many with Leos & women of strength. It’s a funny thing, but I STRONGLY prefer the company of women of strength; nothing is guaranteed to irritate me as much as THAT proverbial woman in films who can do nothing while the going is getting heavy other than stand on the sidelines and scream, and scream and scream. Shut the fuck up and help, will you?!?! Nature designed men to be the necessary but brief peacocks a woman needs to further the species; other than that, she takes care of things, like hunting, killing & surviving. Nothing could be further from the truth than the image of the weak-willed woman who NEEDS a man in her life; they don’t, you know. I speak as one of the decorative peacocks. (Oddly enough, the Cosmos “allowed me” to marry a woman almost the complete opposite of type, a Libra with deeply conservative tendencies and a physical addiction to control [seeing us lock horns over control must be laughable.] What can I say, we work! & there are so many things that say we shouldn’t work, that it can’t last. I got lucky, I married Kwan-Yin. We’ve only been married 10 years, it’s the 1st for both of us, and we are both older; it is a magical adventure for us both.) The 5 of Cups reversed feels to me like window-dressing here, I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is its quality of symbolizing the loss of something less important than I had originally thought; I’m just not sure what. However, I presume the next 24 hours will carry the answer. “I expect happiness to flow through my life, driving out negativity and ushering in a Festival of Light.”  

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