Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my MashUp for 17 March 2015: the 3 of Cups, the Page of Pentacles reversed and lensing in from an exhibition on the Pre-Raphaelites in London is V the Hierophant. (Today’s deck is the *78 Tarot* by “A Global Art Collaboration” & Trish Sullivan. 78 different artists were each given one card to interpret. This deck is the assembled “product.” RWS. The results are, of course, 78 different styles and turn-ons/turn-offs. Divine at its best, quotidian at its worst. A different kind of tarot imagery experience, as the ONLY unifying precept among the cards is the Tarot deck blueprint. [In addition, you can’t help but wonder if a few of the artists understood the Tarot concept AT ALL.]) I feel as if I had my 3 of Cups day from the social angle on Sunday, 2 days ago, with the “The Tarot Game” gathering, a meeting and a ‘retrouvailles’ of old & new friends. This isn’t necessarily the case for this card, of course; it can simply stand in for the Golden Cornucopia, the legendary Horn of Plenty, overflowing with all of the good products of the earth. IT’s a nice card to get either way, but I’m glad to be fairly certain that today it’s a question of Horn and not Hoof. Reversed; my Page of Pentacles would indicate either relaxation after a hard task completed or prodigality in the sense of dissipation (Pollack.) I’ll go with the former rather than the later, 1st because intuition tells me that is so, as does simple experience, and 2nd because the very basic, real, factor of paying for wild dissipation just isn’t affordable this week! (Unless you count “dissipation on Tarot decks,” and then I have to throw you a bold look and inform you that obtaining more decks falls “almost” in the same category as air, food & water. I might even be forced to inform you that my wife has never, NOT ONCE, had a word to say about any or all of my Tarot expenditures; and this despite her complete disinterest in the Tarot herself.) So, the page of Pentacles reversed here is an acceptable, even desirable pull and I can remain calm & serene. (I find it amusing that one of the planet’s fiercest competitors is named Serena. She is anything but that . . . . ) All of which is being lensed with a somewhat surprising sensuality by V the Hierophant, in this deck an “Edward Burns-Jones-like” Oriental dancing girl. There is a bit of symmetry here to this card, but for me, it doesn’t work, so I will default to the abstract of the Hierophant and say that today’s promenade of abundance after task completion sounds eminently “approvable” to our Hierophant as long as we don’t devolve into dissipation, and take into account “his” need to give spiritual advice and keep the regulatory system together. It isn’t really going to get a lot better than that right now because Sephirah there has thrown me off-kilter. It really DOESN’T gel (again, for me.) Sigh. Like other days, - - sigh - - “whaddaya gonna do?” Go with the flow and see how Tuesday turns out, its only 24 hours, after all? I know, I’ll wait, and meditate upon: “I open myself to the wisdom of the Universe.” Perhaps that will help me see how Sephirah fits the picture here and why I’m simply missing it. Perhaps I can contemplate that problem over a sandwich from the Horn of Plenty . . . .  


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