Saturday, March 21, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 21 March 2015 : the King of White Tiger (Swords), the Ace of Green Dragons (Pentacles) and lensing in from her 2nd, “night job” down on an side alley off the Ginza is XI Justice. (Today’s deck is the *Feng Shui Tarot* by Peter Paul and Eileen Connolly (son/mother.) It is, at first glance and quite obviously, a beautiful deck! The art is breathtaking and, given the theme, accurately portrays their archetypes. [RWS, with Justice at XI, as God has always intended it since the Big Bang!] A lovely, professional deck, good cardstock, etc. A Winner for anyone!) I make my entrance to la fête foraine this morning as the King of Swords (sigh) again. Here we go, Mark Miller hand #23, King of Swords, some minor arcana card, & XI Justice. And we have. . Um hmm, yep, we have it; there’s the Ace of Pentacles and Justice. I KNEW it! Justice is so steady at showing up in nearly every hand I ever draw for myself that I wonder if I have it tattooed across my forehead will it quit kinking up my spreads? Well, let’s just read ‘em down and dirty, shall we, Kemosabe? It looks as if a revived, revivified impulsion towards Growth, Change & Evolution on the Path is coming my way today (good news!) However, it is of such pure essence and power that I need to be every centimeter the king and handle it responsibly, being patient and respecting the rules in place. Do the job THOROUGHLY, Mark. Of course, beside my own desire to want to do the job responsibly, there is, as usual in the Tarot, that cold fish of a sister of mine watching every move I make and trying to be sure that I include her company all along the journey, Missy I-Love-My-Elevenness Justice. That is so typical of her, to assume a prime number, thinking she herself is prime and an arbiter of destinies. She’s not really, you know, but she does do a good job of assuring concern for balance in whatever situation she shows up. I like her, really I do, but like all intimate fans of great divas, you “get” to watch the ugly side, too. Justice isn’t so much ugly in her actions or words as she is thoughtlessly cruel, and I have a hard time coping with that at times. I need Mercy, too, She doesn’t. Well, she’s alright by me, so she might as well ride along to aide us to be more aware of our own limitations and behaviors and inevitably a need to assume responsibility, to “grow up.” I am at an age where any more growing up will grow me right into the tomb, but I’m okay with that, as long as I’m learning along the way. “I move towards balance and harmony,” sure, but I also move with a great deal of attention and the small, bitter aftertaste of perfectionism in my mouth.  


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