Saturday, April 11, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 12 April 2015: the 2 of Cups, the Page of Swords and lensing in from Daytona where she just wiped the floor with a collection of race-car driving men is VII the Chariot. (Chariots, like cars, are female. “So let it be written; so let it be done!”) (Today’s deck is, of course! *The Gilded Tarot Royale* by Ciro Marchetti & text by Barbara Moore. Hi, Ciro! A gorgeous deck and I hear/see he is planning a re-issue with included upgrade, or something of that nature. [I have already subscribed for the deck; I suggest you do the same.] If you don’t know this deck, you should. RWS. Professional quality.) Well, I roll out of bed all lovey-dovey this morning, it seems. Ha. Actually, it SHOULD (I HATE that word, don’t you?) mean that there is an exciting new venture on the horizon, the merging of two to create something unique & special from the blending. However, don’t dally, Mark, if you do, you risk losing the opportunity. With the Page as my cover story, I can sneak by and take a peek at this new “project” before I have to commit to it or not. I do want to be aware, though, of my hyper-criticalness about the level of perfection needed before I will join anything. Here I need to, perhaps, lower my expectations and take a chance; after all, didn’t I a long time ago promise myself that under reasonable circumstances I would never turn down an adventure? I seem to be confronted with a younger person today, wanting to jump on my bandwagon and who lacks any credible experience. All fine & good, except the part about my bandwagon – I have a bandwagon? Really? I hammer on only ONE thing in real life, and it isn’t my love of Tarot or philosophy or arts, recreations, or past careers; I hammer, hammer, and hammer on the absolute, dire, fundamental NEED for EDUCATION in our world. Fix THAT, and we’ve fixed EVERYTHING. It’s true, analyze it yourself. Dumb species don’t evolve, they go extinct, and the next contestant may or may not have his/her/its own version of Tarot to help it, too, to get off this fuckin’ Wheel. SO, if Monsieur Jeunesse there is going to follow ME? He will be better off if he can provide proof of intelligence rather than a CV or his record of dragons killed. We’ll see – I could be completely misreading the card(s), and they are telling me that due to THE woman, I’m going to drink from a magic chalice with her and I’m going to reverse aging to the stage of being a young, diffident page. Somehow, I don’t think that is the right interpretation; just guessing, but I think not. HA! At any rate, watching all of this with a disdainful sidelong glance is VII the Chariot, and she doesn’t look as if she’s amenable to hitchhikers. I get the distinct feeling, vibration, from the Charioteer that she’s all fine and good with me but if I’m going to bathe in her ambiance today I need to get a move on and get my ass in gear. On the other paw, once I’m aboard, we just sit there, we don’t go anywhere, because she is paralyzed by her own power, her own victory and cannot connect the idea of “I’ve won!” with the idea of “I STILL don’t understand!” She has a lot of control and discipline and she can share that with me today. I’ll need her “Go! Go! Go!” attitude as I head on down the Red Road, and I need to pay attention to anything which I would normally shove to the side in my speed. I could be missing something by going too fast – that original bright idea (2 of Cups), nurtured by its fan club (Page of Swords), and could easily be tabled for later action. That cannot be allowed to happen, and will not with VII the Chariot at the wheel. Don’t stop, Mark. I need to stay aboard the Chariot, for only then can I move through life triumphantly.  


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