Sunday, April 12, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 13 April 2015 : the 6 of Wands, the King of Wands and lensing in from the dedication of a new Midwives’ Birthing Clinic dedicated to herself, of course, is III the Empress. (Today’s deck is the *Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea* by Julia Turk. I have used this deck here before; it is one of my very favorite decks, but not for everyone. Here is what Aeclectic has to say about it: “The Navigators of the Mystic Sea Tarot deck is based on the Golden Dawn foundation of the Hermetic Qabalah, with the Tree of Life on the back of the cards. The artwork is really quite bizarre, but interesting. Previously out of print, it has now been reprinted by the artist.” I’ll leave it at that. I LOVE it. You can decide for yourself.)  I open the day in “triumph.” Harrumph! I’ve always thought of the 6 of Wands more in the sense of a diplomatic triumph or agreement, the forging of an alliance. Here it is presented as “My struggle is over.” Well, I certainly hope THAT is true! To tell the truth, I HAVE been struggling for a while, on the metaphysical plane, with a lot of “feeling lost?” soaking down into my fibers. Some days I can’t get enough Tarot, other days it is the last thing I want to do; I do it anyway because of an agreement I have made with myself & the world, and I don’t want to be the one to disappoint me. God, that sounds psychotic! I trust you know what I mean. The same goes for any sort of magickal endeavor: if I am doing it, it is because I have decided I MUST, not out of dilettantish caprice. So much has become clearer in this the 2nd half of my life: I know, now, the importance of magic and how we work it every day of our lives, and the difference between that “unconscious magic” and what I have learned is HIGHLY important, “conscious magick.” You need allies, and here in the 6 we have them. I’m riding with the King of my own suit, Wands, today. (I am at constant war within myself, torn between the two Houses of Swords and Wands; most of my life it has been Swords, but more and more often Wands are coming to the forefront.) Today “Daddy” seems to be in good humor. He usually is, but today he is cracking jokes while at the same time being as autocratic as he can possibly be. He’s a good man, just prone to taking his kingship a bit too seriously, and of hasty decisions. I am a LOT like him, just a junior version; perhaps that is due to the fact that I have spent most of my life being a snob while at the same time passionately fighting snobbism – I could explain it, but it would take too long, and ultimately, who gives a shit? There is a description given to alcoholics by Alcoholics Anonymous that could apply in its lesser degree to myself; “He is a megalomaniac with an inferiority complex.” Ha! A bit uncomfortably close, that!  However, if I get seated too high on my horse, there is the earthiness of III the Empress to ground me again. She’s lensing in, I think, to remind us, “Oh you men! Boys, really, just like boys with their boys-only games. Grow up and open up, the games are better.” She’s actually really kind, our Mother, but man! Can she be overwhelming with all that hyper-abundant ripeness! Luckily I do not suffer from the Virgin/Whore fascination that drives so many men (and women!) right around the bend; therefore I don’t project a lot of my own shit on Mom. Just as well, I don’t think she’d appreciate it! My issue is emperors and their use/abuse of power, which I suppose accounts for my divided sexuality, as well. You will find few enough men who aren’t afraid of women. The majority that is afraid demonizes them, and then proceeds to project like crazy. I have to work a little harder in the other direction; I must not ignore her. I need to get on with my day and hold close to my heart the knowledge that Love and Beauty flow through my life in a limitless stream, and the Empress is always my lover, my consort, my guide, my motivation and my reward. It is she who helps me forward to discover myself.   

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