Monday, April 13, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 14 April 2015: the 9 of Pentacles, the King of Swords and lensing in from her new temple behind & underneath the falls at Iguazu is II the High Priestess.  (Today’s deck, again, is the *Decadent Dream Tarot* by Eleanor Boyce. You’ll be seeing a lot of this deck in future if I continue to post; it has become one of my new favorites. It doesn’t hurt that Eleanor is a really nice gal and is happy to do business [you would be surprised how many authors/vendors act as if you are stealing their child. You’re not. You’re buying it for a life of servitude. Nuance. LOL.]  As I was saying, I love this deck. The artwork is ALL so appropriate and SO stunning.) Today I don’t know if I’m playing dress-up or simply watching a presentation at Court, but the day starts with a rather bemused lady surrounded by a cornucopia of green and fruits of the vine, with ephebes crawling all over her and one even nursing. She is fruitful, she is rich (not speaking of money, although that is possible, too,) She’s a source of bounty and joy even though she seems somewhat surprised by the development. I can relate to her feeling, a kind of pleasant but tending-toward-neutral feeling of satisfaction in providing for others. Naturally (for me, that is,) she is accompanied by the King of Swords. (Well, at least we have sexual parity!) I say naturally, because this IS me, as I am about 1/4 of the time. For the rest, it is about ¼ as the King of Wands, ¼ as the Knight of Swords and the last quarter as the Knight of Wands. I’m definitely a man, and I am of such a character that these 4 possibilities fairly well define my ego/rational self/conscious manifestation. In the Major Arcana, I am harassed and bullied by XI Justice and XX Judgment, and often channel V the Hierophant or IV the Emperor. I’m an Alpha male kind of guy. My father was an Alpha male, as well, and the young years were extremely difficult as I learned the “tricks of the trade” from my “old man;” there is a corollary to that saying about two women in the kitchen, and that is “NEVER put two Alphas in the same house.” Kings don’t always abdicate willingly. Watching all of this with her ironic little quirk at the corner of her lower lip and a gaze that dismissingly says, “Men!” is II the High Priestess, standing before her temple and observing the world pass her by, for which she is indeed grateful. She knows where here value lies, and it isn’t out there. I can FEEL the High Priestess willing me to come to her, to enter the Temple, to ask for admittance to her Circles of Power & Knowledge. She likes me! which is a bit surprising, but it’s okay, because I innately like her, as well. I am always drawn to women who really ARE women, who claim it, who revel in it (and not for any fantasy-pornographic reasons or delusions concerning the High Priestess!) Being bi myself, there is a part of me that adores women like that for their independence and another part of me which glories in the sheer bath of pleasure these women take in being manifestations of the Goddess. For me, at all points, II the High Priestess is a friend; perhaps not a very talkative one, but a very true and sincere one nevertheless. My intuition is an old and trustworthy friend; she is willing to share great knowledge with me if I can just reach her, and with the 9 of Pentacles as a resource and the King of Swords as my motor, I am pretty damn sure I can do that!  


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