Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! To the MashUp for 15 April 2015: the 10 of Cups, the King of Swords and lensing in from the Big Bang, a L-O-N-G journey indeed is 0 The Fool. (Todays deck is *The Strange Wonders Tarot* by William Wraithe. Here’s Aeclectic on this flaming new deck: “The Strange Wonders Tarot is a horror-themed tarot based around thoroughly creepy dolls. The dark and sinister cards feature complete dolls in the major arcana, but just doll heads in the minor arcana. Self-published and available from The Game Crafter.” I LIKE it. I’m not normally big on horror dolls, nor am I a real Chucky fan. But the instant that I touched this deck, I could feel it, it has psychic weight, “it works,” I whispered to myself. I can either connect or not, or revisit long after, but this deck spoke right out of the box. Speaking of, there is a GREAT deal of empty space which suggests that a LWB of some weight was supposed to be included; I don’t know if he ran out of money or if it just wasn’t in this box, but that is a minus point.) I start off today where most people, including me, would like to finish it, as the 10 of Cups. Always a good card, and even in this horror deck, he comes across as slightly better than neutral, which is really something when you see the entire deck. For these cards, that IS completion and surfeit in the realm of emotional, “Water-based” happiness. I need simply remember that that Happiness is not a goal or a prize, or an end, but the Journey itself and the appreciation of the qualities inherent in any given situation. Possibly the only person that could “carry” this many cups is a king or queen, and so it is for me, I have the support of my trusted King of Swords. If it weren’t so contradictory to the point of being ludicrous, one could say that here Happiness is being enforced by the King of Swords! Or perhaps the King (that’s me, folks) has become delirious with happiness, not too terribly likely but possible. I know that I’m pretty damn happy at the moment; my readings for clients are truly making me proud of the Tarot; I’ve met a young man who is every positive thing you could wish to be, is a nice guy and has sought me out for help on his Journey; my wife and I are at giddy heights of good communication and profound friendship. So in a sense my King-of-Swords-ness is ALREADY being tempered by a veritable sea of good happenings around me, in me, for me and for others. MOST appropriately enough, with this giddy, GOOD feeling inhabiting my being this morning, our lens for today is 0 the Fool! And that is exactly how I feel, In A Way. That sense of “the adventure awaits!” is present today, and I believe that is due to this refreshing rainfall of positive possibilities opening up before me. I have a chance to make so many things so much better on so many levels of my life that I am quite silly with the promise and joy of it all. I almost feel young again and ready to leap . . . If I can tread the Red Road today with joy in my heart and a smile on my face, then I am indeed the Fool incarnate, and what is more, I am happy to be him, at least for today.  


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