Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 16 April 2015: the Ace of Swords, the King of Pentacles and lensing in from a cold, cold space in the far-lost cloudy reaches of a great storm is XII the Hanged Man. (Todays deck is the *Mystical Creations Tarot* by William Wraithe. Here’s Aeclectic on the deck: “The Mystical Creations Tarot is inspired by animals and the elements. Each of the 78 chosen animals has ties to a branch of magick and to the element portrayed, illustrated in graphic novel style art and coloring.” It IS a very Elemental deck, and I really like it for that. What I DON’T like are jimmy-crack-corn publishing outfits that screw up art. This one is a doozy, with me having to hand-write on the cards to correct their misprints, although the numbering and imaging is clear enough. When you have to take pen in hand to correct the publishing house, they suck. And we’re paying a lot of money for this?? This was let loose on the world by Game Crafters, which is surprising, they do better work. This is another deck where the LWB is non-existent, but the carton has a LOT Of space for it. Suck job, Game Crafter. Poor choice of distributor, William Wraithe.)  I like today’s draw for several reasons: one, it is clear, and two, it fits. Simple, eh? I think sometimes I look for connections too ephemeral and mystically convoluted when the truth is that things are pretty simple. Or at least SOME things, ha! Todays is simple on both levels; I need to, as I am doing, sacrifice “my” King of Pentacles to progress to “my” Ace of Swords. The King is looking bullish, wise and SEDENTARY. For me the undisputable King of Pentacles is my father, whom I love a great deal. If ever there was a crowned bull on earth, he is it. And thus to a certain degree am I. Despite decades of disagreement and a late but welcome rapprochement, I am VERY MUCH like my father; I take a great deal from that massive block of bullish steel, my dad. And that is going to have to be sacrificed in order to put my ideas and myself into action. This suspension of movement, this sacrifice for the greater good (even if the greater good is selfishly me) is absolutely necessary if I am going to forge a final link to being fully myself in the best of all possible worlds. If I am going to pause and see things differently in order to progress, I have no problem with that, but progress I Will! There, aha! There again, that bull-headed stubbornness that I inherited from BOTH parents – we are a family that will worry a problem to insignificant remains of fabric and then lift its hind leg over them to express a parting shot. It isn’t just me, it’s my whole family – we take no prisoners, we give no brief. My dad is German and Mom was Osage Indian, so I’m purebred stubborn. THAT is what I need to conquer to get my act on down the road, and (expression of stubbornness follows! HA!) By God, I Will!   

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