Thursday, April 16, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 17 April 2015: the 9 of Pentacles, the Knight of Pentacles and lensing in from his apartments in the Labyrinth is V the Hierophant. (Today’s deck is *The Gypsy Palace Tarot* by Nora Huszka. Nora is a friend of TP and Tarot Town, so she is no stranger here and neither is her deck. I like the deck – it has oomph! and the imagery gives you room to think as well as encouraging it. RWS. A great reading deck.) Well, today it seems that “Mark, you don drag as a young woman and drag a young Swiss guardsman off to frolic naked in the fountains of the Vatican where the Pope himself catches you. There. Thank you, that’ll be $30.00, and stay away from Rome.”  LOL, well, not quite. I find the progression in Pentacles from the 9 to the Knight super-bizarre, even more so in light of the V Hierophant angrily judging them. If looked at separately, each card is rather straightforward in its interpretation of what today is about. The 9? Sure, I get that, and that applies very heavily. The Knight? I don’t quite get him – if I draw a Knight, it is almost invariably Swords or, sometimes, Wands, but rarely Pentacles and never Cups. A nice, dull, plodding idealist who is hesitant about moving forward, rather too satisfied and/or in doubt about his own efficacy in the situation, that’s our Knight today. Does that sound like me? Nope, not one iota. First of all; today this Knight strings me as rather too fey yet, oddly, stodgy. When I see how Nora has painted him, I am reminded of nothing so much as a middle-aged queen set loose in the costume department of the local theatre. Great Spirit, please tell me that I am wrong, LOL. And check out the mug on that Hierophant!! He looks as if someone just gave him an alum enema and he is NOT happy. The Vatican is looking might shabby, too, covers hanging off chairs and cheap polyester curtains hanging on the walls. His clothes have shrunk, too; guess he’s going to the laundromat like everyone else in Italy now. The hierarchy isn’t happy with me today, for some reason of which I am unaware. I don’t get it. I’d like to say that guy looks like he’s here to help, but c’mon, look at that fucker! He’s not here to help, he’s here to sneer & judge & hinder wherever and whenever he can. That alone makes him Catholic in my eyes! I formally renounced and abjured that quackery a LONG time ago, and I WON’T let it back into my life now, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Now I could get all new age-y and say this is an authoritarian voice, kindly disposed, here to gently shoo me along the Path while reminding me to obey the rules, but no, I don’t buy it, not today. My intuition tells me it isn’t that AT ALL and to be wary of authority today. As for the 9 and the Knight? Well, I said I don’t quite have a handle on what they are doing together, but maybe with a little of her bling he can brighten up and be a suitable companion and less of a self-involved twerp. I have to be my own Hierophant today and open myself to the wisdom of the Universe!   

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