Friday, April 17, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 18 April 2015: the 4 of Cups, the Knight of Wands and not needing to lens in because he is here every single damn day is XIII The Reaping Skeleton. (Today’s deck is the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka. Here’s Aeclectic on the deck, “The Ibis Tarot has stylized ancient Egyptian figures and hieroglyphs in rather pretty scenes. I like the colors used for each card in this deck, but some Egyptian knowledge would help with interpretation.” I’m not sure what the problem there was; the cards are straightforward RWS with a few name changes. Oh well.) I’m starting my day with the good feeling that today I will be cementing a relationship, or deepening it, or turning it physical & romantic, or so says the card. Let’s get a bit more sophisticated than that, shall we? Let’s look at this 4 of Cups; unlike a RWS 4 of Cups, however, in this deck it means to experience the joy that comes from manifesting one’s spiritual truths in reality. Now, I like that a LOT better than the other, don’t you? If I could adopt that interpretation across the decks, I would, but I can’t. And whose company will I be enjoying in this creationary endeavor? The Knight of Wands, of course! one of my four possible representations, or more likely, one of my younger friends. I’m not currently having that kind of relationship with any of my young friends, which is not to say I would not enjoy it, but more and more I find young males gathering around me to listen to my stories and counsel, and to occasionally come back later for a reading, alone and safe from mockery. (Sometimes it is a backbreaking endeavor to get the young to see the Bigger Picture.) I’ve become a tribal grandfather. Well, we shall see, but Wow! does the lensman today, XIII The Reaping Skeleton, really throw me far out into speculation-land. The handsomest and most intelligent of my young apprentices jumps out of his closet and in a hazy rainbow of Love and lust we construct an everlasting threesome along with my wife Jeanne and we are seated at the table of Immortality drinking chilled, bubbly Eternity. Is that it, Tarot? Oh, how sweet. Boob! Of COURSE! that’s not it, but I’m just pulling my own leg. Looking at our BF3, though (Best Fuckin’ Friend Forever), I know he’s a one-trick horse – recycling. Out with the old, In with the new. I could lose someone or something important, that’s true, but it is true whether this card turns up or not. So, no points there. However, if I take him into account with the other two cards, this could be REALLY good! Growing, deepening a relationship, with my fugueuse friend the Knight of Wands being present, and having this initiate a major change in the direction of my Path and where and how and WITH WHOM I am walking it. This isn’t some sort of Pollyanna-blowing-smoke-up-my-ass reading, however, and I don’t take it as one. Change that deep is not only earthshaking it occasions trepidation on one’s follow-through. Oh Sweet Sekhmet I pray that isn’t the case for me today! So if I’m going to “welcome change into my life and embrace it fearlessly and hopefully,” I’d like to shorten my process today; Horus help me to more quickly throw open my arms in acceptance of the expression of the Universe in Me. So mote it be!  

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