Sunday, April 19, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 20 April 2015: the 7 of Coins, the Queen of Sticks (Wands)  and lensing in from the court pharmacist’s where she is arguing bitterly about the effectiveness or lack thereof of condoms is III The Empress. (Today’s deck is *The Tarot of the Absurd* by Jessica Shanahan. Already featured; here is Aeclectic: “The Tarot of the Absurd is a playful, black and white interpretation of the occult tarot, drawn with vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator. The limited-edition deck is self-published and available at the artist's website.” It is a collector’s deck, better suited to meditative or self-readings and not for public readings. RWS.) Please excuse the short starkness of this MashUp, but I’m not feeling up to snuff today and definitely not up to “writing for an audience.” Here is this morning’s draw – and all I can see in this reading is Wait . . . Hurry Up and Wait . . . you’ll come full round again and be at summits of good feeling and creativity. Boiling down to, “Be ill for a bit, Mark, you’re going to be anyway. Patience, and wait for your crops to come in, this will pass and you’ll feel active, productive and ‘healthy’ again.”  Throw in a bit of study and reflection while in bed and I have my day, such as it is. Okay, that sounds like a plan, let’s get it into action and eventually bearing fruit, Mark! Fructify that failing old carcass, buddy, we’ve got things to do!   

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