Monday, April 20, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! To the MashUp for 21 April 2015: the 2 of Batons, the Knave of Batons and lensing in from the pleasant green antechamber to Hell where he puts new arrivals off guard is XV the Devil. (Today’s deck is again *Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot* by Paul Huson. Here is Aeclectic’s 2¢ on this deck, “Dame Fortune's Wheel Tarot is a deck of 79 cards - 22 majors, 56 minors and one significator from author, Paul Huson. The cards are based on Huson's research presented in *Mystical Origins of the Tarot*, and have Marseilles-inspired majors and Etteilla-inspired, fully illustrated minors. The deck is complete with an instructional booklet and now published by Lo Scarabeo.” I like the deck; bright, clear colors and illustrations, very RWS, clear & concise. GREAT for public readings, as well. A definite “yes”.) Well, hmm, let’s see. I’m going to be down in the dumps today, feeling lonely, alone and disassociated, and then a young man of great physical beauty & quick mind proposes to me a relationship with a great man, in which I shall gain Love, Power, Sex and Adventure. I find out the “great man” is the Devil, so at the end of the day I am left with a choice: do I become Satan’s lover & partner, his suppôt, or not? Well, WOW! I have to say, that’s a Hell of a daily reading!! LOL!!! Complete and utter balderdash, of course, and sadly you can find this kind of card reader everywhere around the world, charging people for bad readings and giving the profession an evil name. Luckily I’m wearing my halo today, so let’s take a better look. Actually, I’m NOT feeling very two baton-ish today, except in the love department. My wife and I are a bit tense at the moment, and I’m still (boringly!) verging on old age panic about my sexuality and attractiveness – jeezuzhkeerist, it’s an old story. The Knave? It is interesting that today is a Wands day, but I’m unsure about this Knave. I know a fistful of young men/people like that, but none of them would arrive with that metaphysical disguise, I think. He IS supposed to be a stranger, so there is that, I suppose. This is a wait-and-see card, for me, today. XV, Satanus, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Tricky Dick, call him/her/it what you will (I prefer “Seth,” myself), is NOT a trustworthy business partner, of course, we ALL know that. But why would anybody be offering me “a deal with the devil” today for anything about anything?? Mystère, Mark, mystère. On the other hand, beware of a day trapped in the material, buddy. Nobody says this has to be anything but purely symbolic anyhow, and this may manifest as something it really doesn’t look like at all; but it will have that same stench of Sulphur and Brimstone, so you’ll know it. Oh yes, you’ll know it, you’ve made enough arrangements in the past to be wary now, haven’t you, buddy?  A1nd on that third, mutated hand attached to that withered little stick of an arm that I keep hidden under my brocaded Victorian vest; this COULD be a card to tell me to make “wise use” of the offer being made to me to lift me out of my “funk.” This all presupposes that I’m deep in that 2 Baton-ness, and I’m not. I’m a little doldrums-y today, perhaps, so to that extent I shall be on my toes, eyes wide open, scanning the horizon for signs of beauteous ephebes in armor coming here to offer me the post of secretary to the Antichrist. I have to say no, of course, but what an honor (lay off the ironic hypocrisy, Mark.) I know, I know, I’m supposed to say, “I welcome Change into my Life, embracing it fearlessly and hopefully.” Well, that’s true, but how lame to say it as if it were the newly-minted truth coming from Pollyanna’s mouth; I prefer to think of it this way: “Be of good cheer, Mark, be not sad; if offered the chance to act honorably today, by all means go out and kick ass.” Otherwise the Devil can take his offer, shove it up his backside, and go back to Las Vegas, from whence he came.  


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