Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 22 April 2015 : the 5 of Pentacles, the Knight of Cups and lensing in from the forecourt of Heaven where s/he’s been asked again to make swords out of daffodils is XIV Temperance. (Today’s deck is the RWS deck from *The Pamela Coleman Smith Commemorative Set* and is a supposed exact reproduction of the deck that appeared 100 years ago or more. As a kind of Kitschy reminder I shall look at today with the help of Waite’s accompanying book, *The Pictorial Key to the Tarot* to “guide my interpretation [you shall be President Woodrow Wilson’s secret gay lover].*) Actually, this morning’s reading is either A) WAY off, or B) Should Have Been Redrawn, or C) IS right but only in the strictest metaphorical sense. In which case, OK, I can read it: A certain poverty of emotion will be met by its opposite today and I should be aware of this and make the effort to temper one with the other to establish a more balanced emotive blend in my construct. That is as far as I’m taking it today. I have other things on my mind right now, such as getting through the book for which I bought this deck, the Katz/Goodwin tome on RWS Secrets. Also, I am giving some serious thought to a basic alteration to the MashUp – I am not sure these 3-card mashups are of any use or point to anyone besides myself. I don’t really feel motivated to go to the 1-card Daily setup; I find it disingenuously basic and unhelpful, really. Stay with 3? Go to 5 with a different purpose and less frequently? Perhaps a weekly, bigger reading for myself and the MashUp posts? I just don’t know yet, folks, so stay tuned if you are at all interested. That’s it for today – as you can tell, my heart isn’t really in the draw today, but I hope to more presentable tomorrow for your general approbation. (Grin.)  


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