Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 23 April 2015: the Ace of Cups, the Lady of Cups and lensing in from Alexandria where he reigns now that Rome is just nuclear ash is V the Hierophant. (Oh, alright, not yet. YET.) (Today’s deck is *The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery* by Robert M. Place. Now I am a BIG fan of Robert’s decks, my all-time favorite being his *Alchemical Tarot: Revised Third Edition,* which simply forced me to lie down and have opium dreams without the opium. Not least amongst Robert’s many surprises is his use of fish & elephants! He has a 4th edition for which I am already salivating; I order his decks two at a time, so sure am I of their ZAP!-ness. His occult & metaphysical references do not disappoint, either. Do yourself a favor; get a Robert M. Place deck.) (No, Robert hasn’t paid me, he doesn’t even know me! ;) Well, I’m a bit ballyhooed and blown away with this morning’s MashUp! Starting out as the Ace of Cups is pretty damn courageous for this basically Cupless kind of guy here. You know its funny/odd that for a man who places such importance on love, emotion and intuition, I should have such a sparse field when it comes to my perceptions of Love. I have one, magnificent, Yggdrasil-like tree in my garden, in full flower, and her name is Jeanne. She is my wife. I don’t like to talk a lot about my wife, because she is almost sacred and she loves me. We are normal people; we have faults, sometimes big, glaring ones. I’m not delusional. However, the miracle of my wife’s love for me is something I will never really quite understand, I need only accept it, which I do with gratitude. And in front of me today I have the Ace of Cups and the Lady of Cups, which OF COURSE can be read metaphorically, but my Intuition tells me that the “freshness” of Love, the immediacy of Love is something that I may be working on today, and all that that encompasses: all of my Cup talents, propensities drawbacks, likes & dislikes should be reprocessed, or set aside, as there is a wave of renewal arriving, a new “project” that could well be the reconditioning of that rusted old ‘52 Chevy, my emotional self.  I wouldn’t mind that, I REALLY wouldn’t, as I’ve been thinking lately that something like that is long overdue. I need to get off my keester and clean up, fix up and grow up in order to be child-like and innocent again. I have my own views on “child-like”; I find most children to be perverse miniature tyrants that I would gladly stomp to death, but the QUALITY of “child-like” is to be cherished. I am supposedly doing all of this emotional reconstruction today under the authority of the Hierophant, but look at the bastard, he’s turned his back on me and doesn’t give a shit. I’ve rarely seen a clearer statement on the “state of things” between me and “religion”; I am the best Hierophant I know. I believe that with my whole being, because it is true. FOR me, screw all religious leaders, and listen to . . . me. I am the only “prophet” and “mouthpiece of God” that I have ever met, so the only one I trust, because I KNOW I try very hard never to lie to myself, and to lead a good life to the benefit of myself and the entire race. SO if “Religion” wants to turn its back on me, which by the way it already has, I am fine with that, I have no use for that man anyway, I like a different kind of man. (Which lightly brings up the question of the man & the woman turning away from each other, but I’m brushing that off for now. It is enough that I know it is there somewhere in the background, unlikely but possible. I don’t envision my wife turning from me or vice versa.) So today, “I open myself to the wisdom of the Universe,” and await the Arrival of the day’s events with hope in a newly appreciative heart.  


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