Friday, April 24, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Mashup for 25 April 2015: 0 The Fool, the Ace of Hearts, and lensing in from the center of the Universe is XXI the World. (Today’s deck is the Tarot de Marseille de Fran├žois Chosson, published in 1736. A classic deck, of course, and one of the Tarot de Marseille “re-issues” from Yves Reynaud, these decks are all like the old Books of Hours that the French made in the Middle Ages. Precious little jewels of beauty and mystery, presented to you, kind lords and ladies, in humble etc.) This isn’t really a random spread, of course (duh!), and it isn’t my Daily draw of wisdom and advice from my friend the Tarot, although I could certainly wish it was. I’m simply announcing in this fashion, and to those of you who read “me” on a semi-regular basis, that I am going to . . . ta-da . . . Change. I’ve derived as much satisfaction as possible, for the time being, from this format of a 3-card MashUp to start my day. Doing it, writing it and posting it are WONDERFUL for me; it helps, you see. I’m not actually writing a column for others, although I am delighted that anyone can find some useable nugget in what I write from time to time. I’m trying to journal my voyage by presenting it to people who will understand the vocabulary, and “who can bear witness that I am here.” So to speak. I need no one’s approval, although validation is sweet nectar that we ALL enjoy, of course. However, this format has served its purpose and it is time to move on. Because presenting it to YOU keeps ME honest, I will continue to present whatever-it-is here on my blog. It will most likely be some variant of a daily format, but I don’t know yet. I DO know that I am taking the weekend off to decide where my “journaling” should turn next. Thank you, to you ALL, for helping me keep myself honest, and for bearing witness for me, and for all the help, advice, wisdom & critique. I’m a hard learner, but I eventually get there. So, I hope to see you next week with a new format and adventure for my journey and our entertainment. Thank you!   

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  1. Onward and upward Leducdor. I have enjoyed the mash up and am intrigued as to what will come later. Enjoy your weekend. Lorelei.