Friday, April 3, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 04 April 2015: the 10 of Swords reversed, the Queen of Cups and lensing in from a hot match of post-Soviet era chess is III the Empress. (Today’s deck is the *Silver Era Tarot* by Aunia Kahn & Russell J. Moon. This deck was the occasion of a rare happening in my world – I detested it upon sight, upon first opening it. It seems to have FAR too heavy a personal agenda (by the creators, especially the artist) to grind, and I thought, “Oh no you don’t, jerk!” and fought my 1st impulse to throw it in the trash. Now that I have “settled down,” I’m glad I didn’t throw it out because it works for the ‘Inner Bitch’ in me. As far as it goes, it is a terribly slick, professional product, have no fears on that account if it appeals to you. I almost went with a RWS deck today, in honor of the Katz/Goodwin book, “Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot,” but that can wait a few days until I finish the book!) No matter what kind of face you try to put on it, the 10 of Swords is living “Hell, I stepped in some shit!” news. Reversed, as it is here, at least gives me the hope that narrowly avoiding some sort of calamity is going to give me enough time to re-order my priorities, if need be. Like a gory murder scene, “Move along, folks, move along,” we turn a corner in the hallway and meet our dancing partner today, the Queen of Cups. She’s looking rather pensive today and perhaps (is she?) pregnant . . .  and perched alongside a VERY pregnant III the Empress, we have tsunamis of feminine energy and realities washing over us today. Somehow they are going to help interpret that original 10 of Swords and mold it into something more useful, a very REAL case of smithying pistols into ploughshares. We STILL have no idea what screwed-up mess is making its way down the pike, but I am putting my faith in these two ladies today to help me through to the other side. It’s a brief reading, but sharp & to the point. Now I’m curious about how the day is going to develop. Let the river flow, Mark, bringing you love, happiness and fulfillment; but keep an eye open, you hear me?   

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