Saturday, April 4, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 05 April 2015 : the 3 of Wands, the King of Chalices and lensing in from Miskatonic University where he holds the Yog-Soggoth Chair in Magicks & Marvels is I The Magician. (Today’s deck is again *The Prisma Visions Tarot* by James R. Eads & K. Tombs. Becoming a favorite.)  I cannot say that I have much patience with my opening card this morning, the 3 of Wands. This is a LOT about a kind of Victorian condescension in that it counsels, “Be content with small victories, little man. If they gain the favorable attention of the Great, you will be called. Now sit & be silent.”  “Alright, class, and what is Mr. Miller’s response when he is being condescended to or being given short shrift? That’s right!  class, Mr. Miller would respond – now let’s say it together – ‘Bite Me!’.” To top off that bit of piss-in-my-cup-and-call-it-coffee is that I’m being cruised by the King of Cups! Shit. I’m not so sure I feel like being noble today and “harnessing my energies and channeling them into corporeal creation.”(LWB) I have a hard enough time with emotions as it is; I REALLY don’t need to hook up with this uncomfortable-on-his-throne king at this time, I really don’t. All of my hope this morning rests in those nimble fingers of I the Magician. That means they rest in MY nimble fingers, where they very self-satisfyingly intone, “Right where we belong!” Yeah, okay, I get the message, but I’m a bit frazzled today; I gave a marathon 3-hour reading yesterday for a gentleman with whom communication proved to be rather peripatetic, as he is highly introverted, or what passes for it. Nice guy, but what a struggle! So, for ME, today is a bit more about re-sourcing than anything else – even anything else that comes straight from the Tarot’s grab bag. SO I will “try” (I am reminded of Yoda, “To try is to fail.”) and put today’s shifts in perspective with today’s I’m-living-it reality, with the critical point being that my Life is everything I make it.  


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