Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 09 April 2015 : the 4 of Wands, the King of Cups, and lensing from his fortress of adamant and copper is our rather overwhelming friend VIII Strength. (Today’s deck is the *Maroon Tarot* by Tomasz Maronski. This is one of the few decks that actually pisses me off; I LOVE the art on these cards, BUT they are SO “maroon” and smoky-shady and small-pictured that I feel cheated. Otherwise, lovely deck, cards a bit too small, RWS.) Let’s start - I’m trudging home at sunset and there are 4 batons sticking out of my rucksack, all freshly sprouting new growth. As pictured in this deck, it is a card of meager hope – I’m going home at sunset, I’m alone, it looks autumnal and lugubrious. If I’m carrying “intense, overabundant joy” in that backpack I’ll eat this tarot deck medium-rare with Kabbalah sauce.  Now, if you take the scan of the King of Cups and enlarge it, you’ll see that this does NOT resemble a king who is uncomfortable on his throne; rather I feel we are looking at a king in his element, sacralizing the jewel and heart of his kingdom, the pearl, symbol of innocence. He’s actually kind of hot, in a vague, distant way (maybe it’s the lack of pants); well, I guess he should be, as the king of Water & Emotions. I can identify with his incarnation of “responsibility before self-expression,” (Pollack), but I’m having a hard time reconciling him here with the stick farmer (the 4). The carrying of an unquenchable hope in my emotional life? That is HIGHLY far-fetched, but if so, the no one is more surprised than me. I thought I had given up that hope a long, long time ago; my adherence to responsibility in my emotional life is almost completely circumscribed by what I expect of myself, and being a perfectionist, good-heavens-I’m-asking-for-a-shitload-of-grief. Watching this EXTREMELY mismatched couple take a turn on the dance floor has made Strength restless over there in his Tower of the Triumphant Will. At least she/he has the decency to show up in his “proper” position, VIII (IMHO). More than anything else, certainly not the genteel expression of controlled strength symbolized by a maiden and a lion, this card reminds me of an assured might with complete control and an “I-will-take-NO-bullshit!” attitude. I mean, that is definitely me or one of my “qualities,” but I have the definite knowledge that the VIII isn’t reflecting me today, but some outside force. I feel it. SO perhaps I should expect some manifestation of that archetype, especially its harder core values, at some point today. Gosh, I hope I haven’t done anything wrong and they won’t be coming to haul me off to the hoosegow! Or at least, if I have and they are, I hope the penalty is no more severe than that I must discuss my Tarot addiction at community-center meetings. To wrap this all up in bacon and throw it in the pan, it seems the MashUp today is telling me there’s emotional crap in the blocked pipes, but there is hope that I re-establish proper balance with the application of an inflexible Will to take the situation in hand and Master it in such a way that it is willingly my servant and not a traitor “en cavale.” SO I think, facing the arrival of this flux of action, redress and right-through-might-in-a-good-way later in the day, I shall live in and value these moments now.   

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