Sunday, April 5, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 06 April 2015: the 5 of Cups, the Page of Pentacles and lensing in from a rather hippy-dippy community set-up that she’s trying to perfect is II The High Priestess. (Today’s deck is again *The Ellis Deck* by Taylor Ellis. I couldn’t tell you what it is about this deck I like; the artwork is very good but not to my taste, at all. Yet I love this deck! It is an “ambush deck”: it waits unwelcomingly for whomever dares to purchase it, and then you open it up, it goes through a kind of show-business “Curtain Up!” transformation, and the deck starts to speak. It is very eloquent.) I see that I’m waltzing out in my 5 of Cups sea-soaked finery and “crying over spilt milk.”                    //The Five of Cups is what it means to "cry over spilled milk." I doubt this: I’m not regretting ANYTHING this morning (Regrets are NOT an indulgence of mine!), and the only “crushing defeat” in my life lately that I can identify is the realization that at 63 years of age I’m just not the Rude Dog that I used to be and that my charms are somewhat “fanées.” I’ll live. I may, however, be myopically focused on my studies & my interests to the detriment of something important that I am ignoring, something that still remains of my younger glory days and is still an effective tool. Hmmm, I'll have to check through the attic . . . . I am accompanied today by the Page of Pentacles, so this is highly probable. I’ve let my preoccupation with my “studies” mask something else that I need to be I need to be tending. . . yeah, yeah I can buy that, that sounds like it could be me. And I can get rather funky and undervalue or overvalue my contributions to the cosmos.  The High Priestess is looking rather sadly surprised, isn’t she? She may well be, because her role as “hostess of the barely glimpsed mysteries” is all about offering neutral shelter while you dive within and search for the Moon somewhere behind pomegranate-swathed Boaz and Jakin. She’s a teacher of a different sort, and I presume she’s showing up today because there is something beyond the material and the quotidian world I wake to each day that I need to learn, REALLY need to learn. Something intangible will be my answer and my result here, where She guards those things that CAN’T be taught. Tend to your spark, Mark, tend to your spark, you need that lantern, especially now. So, today I’m going to have to let my intuition do the work, just like I would let a trusted friend complete something that bore my name and thus my responsibility. While it is all going on, it is important to stop a moment, breathe, and answer a quick, simple question: “Where am I at this moment?”  


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