Monday, April 6, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 07 April 2015: the Ace of Cups, the Prince (Knight) of Pentacles and lensing in from his sunny retreat just outside of Syracuse, where he has been adjudicating a Mafia & the Vatican squabble is V the Hierophant. (Today’s deck is the *Decadent Dream Tarot* of Eleanor Boyce. This is my new favorite deck. To quote the author, the artists used were drawn from the “Aesthetic, Pre-Raphaelite, Symbolist, Decadent and Art Nouveau Movements . . .” Her taste is flawless, her choices apt. I love this deck. RWS. Lovely accompanying booklet.){{Psst! She’s just released another, *The Singing Serpent Tarot*. Can you say “Aubrey Beardsley took my virginity”?}} It’s hard not to feel virtuous and wise when you’re the Ace of Cups. To quote the decks creatrix, this Ace is “a baptism and a cleansing bringing emotional renewal.” A bit ironic coming off of Easter, where & when this baptism & cleansing swept away any lingering, long-stale crumbs of Christianity left lying around my personality & being. I didn’t mind, there was no blinding light, just a kind of peaceful certitude that indeed I had done the right thing in freeing myself from spiritual slavery. I grow more and more choleric when I see Devolution In Action. So, despite her nun-like 1st impression, I’ll go for Vestal Virgin, and one who is forbidden to reveal her secrets, at that; her mouth has been bound. I am accompanied on my flight from the burning monastery (yes, yes I did!) by the Prince of Pentacles, a responsible and rather phlegmatic young man who insists on loving me in his dull, unidirectional fashion. He’s the proverbial nice guy you would never marry for fear of dying of boredom. His legendary earthly beauty isn’t enough, however, to change his glacially slow pace of thought, and my mercurial Fire cannot remain too long in his company. IF he was a fool, the saying “I do not suffer fools gladly” would be appropriate, but he is not, although the sentiment is the same. Obviously today he is the right companion for the silent Ace, neither capable of communication for different reasons. It feels like we are being graded on the quality of our little medieval morality play by V the Hierophant. I know how he works through me; I arch my brows and ironically inquire “And do you find your behavior appropriate for the time and place? Do you? Well?” He believes the health of one’s soul is best kept by the application of ritual plasters and heated glass globules of hierarchy containing wasps of punishment applied to your back to assure your adherence to the rules. I actually used to like him. Great Gorgons, those days seems so far away! Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt me to resurrect his phantom from time to time and remember his teachings, above all to open oneself to the wisdom of the Universe and carry it in your heart and soul. That I can most certainly do to my utmost ability today.  

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