Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 08 April 2015: the 3 of Amphorae, the Knave of Clubs and lensing in from Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood is III Postumius. (Surprise surprise, today’s MashUp HAS to be a bit different, because I am using the *Sola Busca Tarot* by Nicola di maestro Antonio (1448-1511) and presented by Giordano Berti. It’s different. You have to “learn” different meanings for all of the cards, which isn’t necessarily hard, you just need to dance with some fancy footwork to interpret these cards as you are used to, stringing them into a narrative. It is a fabulous deck, and it IS different.) I enter to the strains of the 3 of Amphorae (Cups in our normal setup) and I’m going to do something for the benefit of all; I am going to give you B. Berti’s “LWB” (sort of) explanation of what you are seeing. With this 3, we have “one reaps what one sows,” and Harmonious growth, Fertility, Nourishment, healing, Relief from pain (my arthritis!?!?!?). And that’s it, that’s how we start our story. So let’s begin with the idea of an opening sentence, such as “Feeling your joint pain lift, you realize more and more that you receive from your body exactly what you put in – feed it poison if you will, but be ready to pay the price.” Hmmm. Okay, let’s see what’s next . . .oh good, a Court card, knowing “WHO” is involved in my day is important to me, and here we have the Page of Clubs (Wands), who gives us “Test the soil with a stick. Caution in movement”, and “Search for independence, Desire for autonomy, Love of Freedom.” Well, he sounds like a late adolescent yearning to get on the road and away to college and far away from the parental/family unit, doesn’t he? I’m fairly sure this state of being and attitude is long, long gone from me, but it certainly could enter my life in the form of someone else this morning. We are going to just have to wait and see on that, and unless he/she is a pharmaceutical company representative as well, I doubt he has much to do with the 3 of Amphorae, although Olympus knows I could be wrong. Finally, arriving from far away is III Postumius, NOT III the Empress. Postumius gives us, again via Berti’s “LWB,” “A club blossomed in front of a grave. Death and Life always co-exist. Forethought. Clear vision of your limits. Fatalism.” This, even if you r-e-a-l-l-y push it, has extremely meager connections with the III we are used to having before us. If this card speaks to me of anything, it tells me that even though the 3 is bringing me solace, I should keep in mind the bigger picture and not expect Youth to inhabit this aging husk. And besides, as the years go by and I inch closer and closer to death, I AM more & more curious; I DO believe my Journey goes on whether I carry the burden of my physicality with me or not. Life in Death. This card I can do, even if isn’t my usual Empress. So taken altogether, today I’m getting a Health Bulletin: relief is coming, but it isn’t the Fountain of Youth, Mark. Be wise, recognize your limits and act accordingly. It is asking me to be a man today, and not harbor the illusions of youth concerning my health, but to treat it with dignity (the state of my health) and care for it with its particular needs in mind. I can do that.   

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